Forgive the satirical headline. It’s habit at this point. But in this case, it still works.
Something tells me if Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan were a white Christian, not only would Donald Trump not be fucking with his family, his parents would have been invited to speak at the Republican convention instead of the Democratic one. You may think I’m just another typical libtarded liberal ascribing to racism or Islamaphobia what is actually just regular, political discourse. But, well, bullshit.
Republicans love to politicize fallen soldiers because — I can only guess — in their minds they hold the copyright on patriotism. How many times have we been browbeaten over the dead Americans in Benghazi, while being told the dead soldiers in Iraq — that dwarf the Benghazi body counts by literally over a thousand times — certainly don’t mean something we libtarded liberals think they do…namely that they all died for no good goddamned reason? I’ve lost count, myself.
The convention featured Republican speakers calling for Hillary Clinton to be jailed over something they can’t even agree on — Hillary doing nothing, or Hillary doing something wrong during the Benghazi attack. But somehow we’re supposed to believe that conservative Republicans are the adults in the room? It seems like a really unbelievable notion when you consider just how desperate they are to smear Capt. Khan’s father with conspiracy drivel about ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Donald Trump’s campaign has exposed so much hypocrisy and wild incongruity in the Republican Party it’s astounding. The party that went on a witch hunt over an extramarital blowjob has now nominated a serial husband who can’t quite decide at what age women are no longer suitable to be married to. Their nominee has hemmed and hawed on all kinds of subjects that in the past the GOP nominee had to stand firm on — like universal healthcare, for instance. So in truth, the fact that Trump could lay bare all the hypocrisy of their “We Support the Troops” rhetoric isn’t all that shocking.
After all, let’s not forget which party blocked the 9/11 first responders bill. The truth is that the Republicans treat the troops like every political group does — like props. Let’s not kid ourselves, the Dems objectified Capt. Khan as well. It’s just that their politicization of him was done to show a contrast between the parties, specifically that the Democrats aren’t anti-Muslim. But I think we can all agree as uncouth as it is to politicize anyone’s death, it’s far, far worse to demonize someone because they tell the truth about you, which is all Mr. Khan did.
It used to be that a fallen soldier’s family was given the right to speak pretty much whenever they wanted about any subject they wanted because we all agreed their family has paid a steep enough price for the privilege. When you have an egomaniac like Trump as your nominee though, you have to defend him first. That means if necessary you demagogue two people who lost their beloved son in a war that he probably shouldn’t have been fighting anyway.
And let’s just stop for a second and reflect on the poetic tragedy of Republicans and their operatives smearing Capt. Khan’s parents, shall we? There is no doubt that plenty of Democrats voted for the Iraq War; Hillary Clinton among them. However, the only party that is still openly clinging to the idea that the war was just are the Republicans. The only party pretending the Iraq War wasn’t the single most egregious mistake this country has made in forty years or so are is the Republican Party. And now, they’re busy smearing the honor of a fallen soldier in that war by attacking his parents senselessly and shamelessly.
To be fair, there has been some outrage from Republicans like Senator John McCain, but where is the outpouring of condemnation not just for the words he used, but for Trump himself? And note that McCain didn’t withdraw his endorsement. Neither did Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. What good is condemning someone almost all the time if you’re not going to pull your endorsement from him? How much can the American people trust that you really are rebuking Trump when you turn right back around and say you’ll vote for him regardless?
Imagine if a liberal said the things about a military family that lost their war hero son like the Khan family did. The right-wing anger would be deafening. And yet, check out this shit from a right-wing talking head:
That’s right. Apparently now we’re moving the goalposts of  the definition of “war hero” to exclude American Muslims in order to justify our Islamaphobia. Again, just allow your mind to drift to the notion of a liberal pundit saying these things about a Christian. The screams of “WAR ON CHRISTIANITY” would be overwhelming.
Trump knows nothing of sacrifice, no matter what he says. He knows nothing of honor, that much is clear from how he’s treated Capt. Khan’s parents. He’s a horrible human being and Republicans should be lining up to abandon him, but they won’t. Why? Because “Republican vs. Democrat,” that’s why. Pure and simple.
In the end, I’m just left with a simple, single question:
If Capt. Khan literally gave everything he had to this country, including his life, why can’t Donald Trump give us his tax returns?

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