There is a public Facebook page for Jessica Leeds, one of the first women to go public with allegations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her. On the 13th, a post accredited to Ms. Leeds was published on the page: “I am thinking about making a foundation for abuse victims. We need to stick together!” A friend of mine shared that post with me, so I clicked the link to view the entire page. What I read chilled me. The hate, the misogyny, the threats, and the awful names, all being aimed at Jessica Leeds and the other women who have broken their silence.

Many of these comments are from women who support Donald Trump. Women who believe every single accusation slung at Bill Clinton, but shame the women accusing Donald Trump. Women who have been photographed wearing shirts upon which they have written their hope that Donald Trump grabs their pussy, proving they have no understand of sexual assault. It’s not the word, it was never the word, it’s the fact that over and over again, Donald Trump has proven he is a serial sexual predator.

The following comments were copied directly from the public Facebook page linked here. There is no way to know if this page was started by Jessica Leeds, or if it’s simply a public page with her name attached. But the Trump supporters posting their hate, their anger, their violence, and their misogyny believe it is.

The comments being left are disturbing, bitter, hateful, poorly spelled, and sometimes violent. Please note: Some of these comments may be triggering for some of our readers.

Colleen Leigh McQueary Now your a Public Figure lmao you sure as hell are and your 15 minutes are up gutter skank! Shame on you and all your lying skank friends!

Maria E Diosdado I hope Trump will sue you and the others lying bimbos, you are repulsive. Totally a set up…and if you think we are going to let you continuing destroying men’s reputations without doing nothing, you are wrong. You don’t know the power of strong women.

Beth Johns Abuse victims?????? Your the one trashing Trump!!! You your the one telling lies, before you and Hillary started spreading your lies you should of got together and got your stories right. Donald didn’t have blonde hair 35 yrs ago! He never played with your tits for 15 mins, you wish he did, the arm rest don’t go up, you just sold your soul to the devil and just set yourself and your family up to be killed!!!! Stupi ass

Sheryl Parmley Saphore hey OLD BAG …there is NO WAY Trump wants to dip his stick in you>>>SEEN HIS WIFE she is gorgeous!!!!!

Sue Miller I have to say it. Donald Trump was a real hottie when he was a young guy. I would not be surprised if she wanted his attention and he paid no attention to her whatsoever. Also, back then the first class seats had no arms on them!!


Charles Oliver Grice Jr Jessica Leeds you need to stop you never where or Knew Trump everyones knows it i got proof you Bitch i hope u get Shot and killed for all the BS Lies you have done you worthless Cunt Bitch

Pam Taylor Sheffield #1. Stop making yourself look like a fool worse than your already doing.
#2. I don’t think you are of a class of pretty woman Donald Trump would fool with. You look too old and ugly.
#3. Funny you are remembering this and speaking of it after apx.30 years. Stop it. Don’t lower yourself.
#4. Hilliary Clinton probably paid you to say this crap.
#5. Are you sure your not getting your man mix up??? Sure it wasn’t Bill Clinton that did that .?????

Bob Sloan Jr. ….er….um….cause she is a fucking liar and probably being paid cash by the Clinton Foundation……somebody please shoot this whore in the head!

Thomas Davis Lying CUNT..! EAT SHIT AND DIE

Peggy Qualls-Babakhanian If this happen to you Jessica why didn’t you sue him? Let me tell you why, because it never happened…
My friend was a rape victimed….She told the minute it happened..It took you 30 years to get up the courage to speak about it…You are a plant for Hilter. The evil hag of middle east . She sold her soul to Satan, and you are now a part of it….I hope you never sleep well again for all your evil lies..

Larry Thomas You are such a skank from Hell. Use your self for Hillary. How much did she pay you. Your life is never the same. Enjoy hell. You are just like a paid prositute. You are a whore. Enjoy the rest of your short life. Fate work in mysterious ways.

These are Donald Trump supporters. Men and women who believe every accusation made against Bill Clinton, which somehow means Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president, but call a woman accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault names like “cunt,” “bitch,” ugly,” and “whore.” They suggest she be shot. That she’s is being paid, or bribed. That by waiting, she is somehow not being honest.

I waited over twenty years to tell anyone I had been raped. I have friends who are still working on breaking their silence. And frankly, if the comments above from Trump supporters are just a sample of what survivors receive when they go public, why would anyone ever speak out? Lou Dobbs Tweeted Ms. Leeds’ personal information to all his followers. Another accuser is considering leaving the country because she no longer feels safe. Thousands of Trump supporters are spewing hate and violence at women who claim to have been assaulted by Donald Trump.

This is what those supporters really feel, and this is why they are voting for Donald Trump. He has energized their hate, their need to demean, insult, and attack anyone who does not support Trump, and he has given them permission to be monstrous and repugnant. He has touched the darkest part of their souls.

If you are a survivor who is struggling with the language and victim shaming of the past few months, please contact RAINN.


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