Trump supporters– bear with me. I sometimes get confused.

Is Donald Trump our president, even after we protest him, resist him, and ridicule him? Or do we protest him, ridicule him and resist him because he’s president? Luckily, though, there always seems to be one of you guys/white women of a certain religious background to remind me of one simple fact — Donald Trump is still my president. Thank goodness for that, because otherwise, I’d just be criticizing a garden variety white collar crook, trust fund racist, and bargain basement, reality-TV tinhorn wannabe dictator.

Recently, I shared a video on a few of my Facebook pages called “Fuck Trump.” The video was produced by Dr. Chorizo Productions, and is honestly one of the most absurd and hilarious things I’ve seen in awhile. You would not believe the amount of triggered Trumpflakes that flooded every page with variations on the same theme — “Yeah, well, he’s still your president.”

For context — here’s the video:

It’s pretty astounding just how much anger and butt hurt less than 90 seconds of people saying, “Fuck Trump” can bring out of the woodworks. Here’s just a smattering of the derp that they laid on me for sharing the video:

This is, I’m sure, not surprising to anyone who has in the last couple of years dared to trot out even the most trivial and trifling criticism of the Fuckwit in Chief. Say something remotely critical, and therefore true, about that tiny-handed twatwaffle and you’ll get a chorus of red hatted buffoons reminding you that he’s your president, as if all the protests, lawsuits, and anger from moderates and the left were born out of not accepting Donald Trump is the president.

I think they have to pretend that what we’re all protesting is the simple fact of him being president, instead of the myriad of bullshit he’s pulled while being president. He’s clearly enriching himself and his family’s companies. Look no further than his non-response to Khashogi’s death. If Trump wasn’t tiny-balls deep in Saudi’s money pussy, would he have had a more forceful response? Probably not, because most American presidents have simply pretended Saudi Arabia isn’t utter garbage, but it does make one wonder if Trump is even capable of the simplest of rebukes of those criminal barbarians.

Sharing that Fuck Trump video unleashed a torrent of Trump trolls. Mostly I got a variation of “He’s still your president.” I think, if I can hazard a guess, that it really triggers Trumplodytes somthing fierce when they’re confronted with the sham of a “mandate” that only winning the Electoral College creates. The simple math of the equation is that there are tens of millions of Americans who didn’t or couldn’t vote. Trump won an extremely small percentage of votes when compared to how many live here, and considering that he didn’t even win the most popular votes — I know that Trumpflakes hate talking about it because they cling so hard to the participation trophy they get from the Electoral College — the reality that they ignore is that he is leading an entire country with the support of maybe a quarter of its population, if that.

Oh also? No fucking shit, he’s still our president. It’ll never not be funny to me that they think this is some kind of insult. It’s as if they truly believe we all genuinely feel that Donald J. FuckFace  isn’t the president. Of course he is. Protesting him doesn’t change that fact; it just makes accepting it even better for our protests. It means we’re actually protesting something, despite what Trumpolytes think we’re doing.

In fact, it makes posting videos like the “Fuck Trump” not just fun as hell, but also legitimate political speech. One reason I’m extremely unnerved about my lifetime ban from Twitter is that it keeps me from exercising my First Amendment right to call that piece of shit a piece of shit.

It’s no skin off my dick to call Trump the president. It only enhances the experience, really, that he’s president. Saying, “Fuck you,” to the president is just about the most American thing you can do. People literally did fight and die for that right.

But what Trumpidiots don’t realize, and never will because they don’t leave their media filter bubbles, is that the levels of vitriol and animus shown to Trump are precisely because we have accepted he’s our president, and now we’re doing what every American has the right to do, really what every human has the right to do — criticize, mock, ridicule, and heap scorn on our leader. Just because we didn’t elect him and put the drunken toddler in the driver’s seat, that doesn’t mean we gave our right to tell him when he’s about to drive us off another cliff.

So we’re going to keep right on resisting, criticizing, mocking, and generally taking the piss out of Donald Trump. It just sort of feels like, at the end of it all, that this meme best sums up the ironic position of the so-called liberty lovin’, freedom worshipin’ crowd. Donald Trump is our president, and that is exactly why we say “Fuck you” to him at every opportunity we’re afforded.


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