The Donald only hires the best people, the most awesome people, right? So obviously he hired the bestest of the best for his email marketing when he realized he needed to beg for money for his self-funded campaign. It set YUGE records…for spam complaints!
Per Inc:

According to numerous sources, including Ad Age and data from Return Path, more than 50% of emails sent on June 21st from Trump’s first fundraising email went to spam, while many others made email complaints.
To put this in context, a 1% spam complaint is already considered unacceptable. The same rookie email marketing mistakes that caused Trump’s emails to go to spam also kept his email open rates low.

BAD! Silly Donald, emails are for professionals. Those nice folks over at Inc know their stuff. I bet you could get a subscription pretty cheap, and even the big bad IRS would likely let you write it off as a legitimate expense. But in case you are running low on fundage, here is a summary:

  • Never send out a zillion messages from a brand new domain. Servers don’t recognize it, and just because it comes from, or maybe because it does, those computers saw a shit-ton of emails coming from a domain they didn’t know, and they tossed those suckers in the trash bin. Shout out to Microsoft and Google for recognizing junk!
  • Don’t rent a massive email list from the Russian Mob or These whackfucks are not reputable. Building up a list of supporters requires time and patience; you advertise online and request email addresses. DUH!
  • Finally, put together an email that does not resemble something that came from a XXX Viagra Porn Canadian Prince. If it actually managed to land in front of the five people who still run AOL, there is no way they would click on this crap:

trump screen capture edited_34803
Because of these problems, Adestra, the bulk email platform Trump’s campaign was using, suspended his service.

“Adestra, a leading global provider of innovative marketing technology software and services, has suspended services to one of its agency clients, which recently sent an email on behalf of the Trump Campaign,” Henry Hyder-Smith, co-founder and CEO of Adestra, said in a statement. “The email in question has raised serious security and legal concerns among Adestra and other industry leaders.”
Hyder-Smith added: “If we believe that a client is misusing the platform or not adhering to the high standards to which Adestra is committed, we may exercise our contractual option to suspend their service from sending email while still allowing them access to our products and their data.” source

I’m sure Cheeto Jesus will find some way to spin this into a liberal conspiracy suppression of his “conservative” speech, entirely the fault of Crooked Hillary, when in actuality us libtards know it’s just another blatant display of incompetence by an underfunded, understaffed, scam of campaign that is now an even bigger joke of a spampaign.



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