Let me just start by saying that while the alleged billionaire and confirmed fuckwit Donald Trump said he was going to have a major announcement this morning about his Birtherism, it wasn’t anything of the sort. His speech was about 30 minutes of old, white, Medal of Honor recipients who have probably been out of the military for at least a decade telling us what the current state of our military is (shitty, according to them), and then literally two sentences. TWO SENTENCES on birtherism.

I’m paraphrasing now, but here’s how it went:

DONALD: Hillary started it in 2008. In 2011, I finished it. I finished it, you know what I mean (he actually did say, “You know what I mean.”) Now let’s go make America Great Again!

CROWD: YAY! Also, check out all our arms, raised at 45 degrees!

But here’s the thing — he’s full of shit. Again. For starters, no, Hillary did not start the birther shit. I’m even guilty of believing this in the past, based on insinuation I’ve seen from liberal sites, but I trust Politifact when they rate that claim as false.

Did Hillary Clinton start the Obama birther movement?

Call it ricochet politics. First, a questioner at a New Hampshire rally for Donald Trump repeats the lie that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Trump fails to correct him and faces a round of questions as to why he didn’t.

So in 2011, Donald, you’re telling us you stopped believing Obama was born somewhere else? Then explain these tweets, Dumpy?

Here’s one from December of 2013, two years after Trump literally claimed he “ended” the birther controversy. So, did he have a case of the two year “oh fuck, I forgot I’m a racist, orange asshole”s? Because that’s a real medical condition and I can forgive it, if so. No? Okay, moving along.


…and here’s one from at least six months after he claims to have “done the country a great service” in resolving that whole birther thing (he was fucking obsessed with for years). And to boot, he’s thanking the fascist piece of shit crook out in Arizona, Joe Arpaio to boot. But gee, if Joe’s top cold case team cracked it wide open, why was Shit Bird Donny up there today saying that Obama really was born in this country?


“Extremely credible” to a guy like Donny Trump includes sources like Breitbart and Russian state television, so keep that in mind. But really, the most important takeaway from this tweet, since we know someone who lacks credibility isn’t really a fair judge of it in others, is the date. 2012. Which, if my Doc Brown-like calculations are correct, came after 2011.


Remember what I was JUST saying about how this walking, talking shart in an expensive suit thought Breitbart was credible. Well…


These are the kinds of tweets I just love that Drumpf actually retweets. Some rando dipshit with the Twitter handle “@obamafraudulent.” Because you know, we’re going to take the word of some unhinged, fringe alt-right dude as the gospel truth, just because an alleged billionaire retweets him.


Donald Trump is a racist now. He was a racist for the five years he was actively pushing the birther shit, and it doesn’t really matter that he’s trying to call a big, fat, “whatever, just ignore that” on his birtherism. In fact, even if I didn’t have all these tweets to back up my claim, I have my own fucking work to do so.

Here’s a piece I wrote back in 2013. That’s two years after Trump claims he put the birther thing to rest. Why did I write the piece? Because he had just recently drug up the birth certificate nonsense. Again.


So you know what? If you’re a Trump fan out there, and you’re genuinely buying the bullshit that he no longer things Obama is Kenyan — you’re an idiot. An easily duped moron. The whole affair this morning is so laughably disingenuous it should deep-six his presidential hopes for good…but it won’t. Because people are out there who don’t care what the mountain of evidence suggests; they just want to elect the “Not a Democrat” or “Not Killary Clintler” that they don’t mind being played for utter fools.

Trump acting like it’s a big, magnanimous gesture he’s made giving up his birtherism is laughable. He didn’t do it when he said he did, and even if he had, that’s really beside the point. The point is that he never should have been questioning Obama’s legitimacy in the first fucking place. I await all the die hard, principled birthers’ rejection of Trump, and his poll numbers plummeting…or not, and they’ll make an excuse to go right on supporting the orange Klansman.

Aint’ Amurikkka grand?

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  1. […] It won’t matter to most of the Republican base. Even though as recently as January, polls were showing that about half of them didn’t believe he as born in America, they’ll simply turn a willfully blind eye to Trump’s admission that Obama was born in the United States. They’ll either say he “had to do it” so the “lamestream libtarded media” would leave him alone about it, or they’ll straight-up deny they were birthers up until the point Trump said he wasn’t, or they’ll be like him and claim they gave it up years ago when the evidence shows that to be an outright, utter lie. […]


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