Many of my friends are posting this morning about coming together. Facebook looks like a group of campers, sitting around a bonfire, singing “Kumbaya My Lord.” Right before Jason pops up and stabs them all to death. And many of them are writing that, for better or worse, Donald Trump is our president. Fuck that.

Conservative white nationalists have been screaming for eight years that President Obama wasn’t “their” president, based on his skin color. I am not that shallow; Trump’s orangeness is not the reason he will never be my president. That’s more of a he’s an actual sociopath, a sexual predator, his entire campaign was one giant trigger, he wants to commit war crimes, he hates minorities, our allies are freaking out right now, children are waking up today terrified their parents are going to be deported, and he has emboldened some pretty violent people to be even more violent kind of thing.

“Bernie would have done better.” No. He would not have done better. The people who adore Trump also hated Bernie Sanders. He’s an elitist, just like the rest of us who have an IQ higher than 100. From his liberal Vermont, preaching about a higher minimum wage, talking about how Black Lives Matter, calling for an end to Citizens United, that damn bird. The neo-Nazis who elected Trump last night would never have voted for Bernie. Ever. By the way, we lived in Vermont. We love Vermont.

“Well, I hate Shillary, so I didn’t vote.” Fuck you. In the face. With a rabid badger.

“Trump speaks his mind, he’s totally not PC, he’s a real man.” That “real man” may have raped a 13-year-old girl, that “real man” bragged about sexually assaulting women, that “real man” told Howard Stern it was perfectly okay to call Ivanka Trump-his own daughter-a piece of ass. He speaks his mind? Like calling Mexicans rapists, or stating he will ban Muslims, or promising to sue all the women accusing him of sexual assault, or making fun of Heidi Cruz’s appearance? Trump is completely un-politically correct, so much so, our allies in Europe are absolutely terrified.

We watched NBC’s coverage of this clusterfuck last night, and a big thank you to Richard Engel, the only actual journalist left on the planet. While Chuck Todd was trying to shove his own head up Trump’s rectum, Richard Engel talked about the great harm a Trump presidency will cause. He talked about world markets, security, NATO, domestic policy. His voice rose just a smidgen when Tom Brokaw tried to explain away the damage Trump will cause. Richard Engel deserves a Pulitzer just for not slapping the shit out of the NBC election lineup.

It seems that we, normal, rational Americans, may have underestimated the hatred many of our neighbors have for everyone who isn’t just like them. We also may have overestimated the intellect of the American voter. When Michigan was too close to call, my husband, a native Michigander and former employee of the auto industry, said “They’re falling for his con. They really think he can get their jobs back. Holy shit.” Trump can’t get those jobs back, FYI.

And overnight, my Facebook page lost a like, and I also lost a Facebook friend on my personal page. Not sure what that was all about; maybe I wasn’t presenting myself as a tree-hugging, folk song-singing, hand-holding, coming together, lovey dovey liberal. Maybe I was filled with sorrow and anger and frustration. Maybe I was trying to figure out how much of our retirement just disappeared. Maybe I was thinking about my Muslim friends, my Mexican friends, my LGBT friends, my African American friends, and how they now live in a country that elected a president who hates them. Maybe I was thinking about the women who will die because Donald Trump has promised to elect justices who will overturn Roe v Wade. I’m so sorry~.

Donald Trump will never be my president because I am a daughter of the American Revolution. Not officially, because they scare me, but by blood. My family helped found this country, and last night, America unzipped its fly, and pissed all over the graves of every single man and woman who gave their life for this nation. America elected a man who called avoiding sexually transmitted diseases his own Vietnam.

Donald Trump will never be my president because I am a survivor of rape and domestic violence, and he’s a misogynistic asshole. Who sees women as objects, which, coincidentally, is how serial killers and serial rapists see women.

Donald Trump will never be my president because he hates the things that make America great: diversity, equality, social programs, facts.

Donald Trump will never be my president because I refuse to accept that we have become a nation of hate, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and (more) war crimes.

So stop telling me to get around that bonfire and sing. Stop telling me we need to come together because he’s our president. Stop telling me how to feel about this fucking nightmare.

Because Donald Trump will never be my president.

Originally published on Poking At Snakes.



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