Donald Trump appeared on CNN this morning, and was asked about David Duke. More specifically, Jake Tapper asked Trump if he would “unequivocally condemn” David Duke. Trump responded that he didn’t know David Duke, so he couldn’t really talk about David Duke, because they’d never met. Uh huh. Trump’s never met a lot of people, but he seems to have no problem whatsoever condemning them. Has Trump met all Muslims? Because he wants to ban all Muslims, and one would think if a guy wants to ban millions of men, women, and children, from entering our country, he must have met them all, right?

I wish Jake Tapper had gone a little harder on the Trumpster about his white supremacist supporters. For example, The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist blog that endorsed Trump for president. From the website, which I am absolutely not going to link; you can go find it if you have to:

I am hereby making an official endorsement of Donald Trump as President of America.

The Daily Stormer seems to be run by Andrew Anglin, who also seems to be the only writer. His latest contribution to the flotsam and jetsam of the internet is an article about Ashley Graham, the plus-size model featured in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. He calls Ashley a “fat slag,” and blames her coverage in SI on a Jewish propaganda campaign:

This is part of a propaganda campaign of the Jews called “fat acceptance.” Instead of looking at fatness as a form of sick degeneracy – not to mention a dangerous health hazard – which should be shamed, fat accepters believe that fatties should love their fatness, and force it on everyone else. They also claim that fat chicks are attractive somehow.


He ends with:

First they told us women were equal. Then the Blacks. Then they started openly celebrating disease by promoting the homos. They also now claim that Islam is a religion of peace, even though the entire religion is about murdering people.

It is no wonder at all they are now pushing pedophiles as victims, as well as fatties as beautiful.

I digress. I think, if Jake Tapper had brought up neo-Nazis for Trump, Trump’s response might have gone something like this:

Well, I’ve never met a neo-Nazi, and what does neo even mean? You’re asking me about people I’ve never met, I don’t know anyone from those groups, I don’t know any Nazis, are you asking me to comment on things I don’t know anything about? What’s a Nazi, really? That symbol came from Egypt or someplace, and the Egyptians love me, they just love me, I have a lot of great friends from Egypt. And obviously I love the Jews, I will be the best president for Jews Jews have ever had. So I can’t really comment on things I don’t know anything about, but let me tell you about the wall, okay? It’s gonna be yuuuuuge. It’ll keep out the Mexican rapists, but I love Mexico and Mexico loves me, I have a lot of great friends from Mexico. And of course, we need to ban the Muslims, but I love Muslims and Muslims love me, I have a lot of great friends from over there, wherever Muslims are. But I don’t know Nazis, so how can I condemn an entire group of people? Jake, let’s get back to my plan to bomb the shit out of ISIS, okay? My idea is yuuuuge.

And scene.




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