Donald Trump is mining human garbage to fuel his presidential campaign.

The kind of open racism and religious-based discrimination that The Donald is bringing out of his supporters, and that they are putting on full display, is the kind of utter nonsense that was supposed to have been stuffed way, way down deep into our collective bowels. It’s the kind of proudly bigoted bullshit we were supposed to have been done with after the 1960’s cost us such visionaries as Dr. King and Malcolm X. For a long time saying the kind of toxic venom he’s Spewed about Mexicans and Muslims has been taboo, and for a good reason.

We call it civilization because of that whole “civility” thing.

But Trump is running on the premise that there are still gobs and gobs of angry, bitter, hate-filled human garbage people in this country, and it’s pretty much bearing out. People are being literally assaulted at his rallies, and peaceful protesters are being thrown out for just looking suspicious to Trump and his goons. Trump rallies have become a macabre, somehow stupider version of a WWE broadcast, and that’s why I’m so glad that the good people of Chicago shut that shit down this weekend.

Some special people on the right side of the spectrum are up in arms over the Chicago Protesters presence causing so much panic in The Donald that he decided to cancel his rally. They’re claiming his First Amendment rights were subjugated. Bullshit. As I wrote in another piece, if Jews had been able to shut down Nazi rallies, who knows how much sooner the world would have had to confront the menace of the Third Reich? The truth that these conservatives don’t want to admit is predictably simple — most people are fed-up with this ridiculousness and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Further butt-hurt is produced from right-wingers when you tell them that the Chicago Protesters weren’t violating any laws when they actually entered the building to protest. There’s no “outside only” clause to the First Amendment, and considering the violence on display at past rallies, I think the protesters are the truly brave ones to set foot in the Derp Den and have a mouth-breathing lion potentially try to maul you. Chicago was what democracy looks like sometimes, when one group of people is acting so counter intuitively to how modern humans are suposed to behave.

We’re not policing people’s thoughts. We’re showing human garbage people they’re acting like human garbage people. I wouldn’t support protesters rushing the stage or worse yet inflicting violence on rally attendees unless they were attacked first. But that’s not what happened in Chicago. What happened there is that Trump got scared when he realized it was going to be a room he couldn’t completely manipulate and he canceled the gig.

Trump is a wimp, not a victim.

I used to think Trump was trolling; and maybe he still is. But looking at the human detritus that has been screaming racial epithets and assaulting people at his rallies makes me realize that this is one joke that lost all its ha-ha inducing properties. I’m afraid that more protests like the one Chicago are needed, not fewer. Garbage people shouldn’t get away with being garbage people. In fact, that was really the lesson we were supposed to have learned not just from the Holocaust, but from our own damn past.

Not since George Wallace was screaming to the heavens about how segregation was going to be the law of the land forever have we seen this kind of naked embrace of racism in a candidate. Nixon had his Southern Strategy, but even Tricky Dick tried to use at least a little subtlety. Part of what made me think Trump was trolling everyone was that we haven’t seen a candidate so brazenly court the racist vote like he has in a long time, and it just feels almost cartoonish to me that he’s actually leading, much less barreling his way to the nomination.

If Trump’s campaign is fueled by the garbage people of society, then what in the holy living hell would his cabinet look like? His State of the Union speeches? If he inspires the violent racism he does on the campaign trail, what kind of horrid shit will be going on in the streets when he’s elected? Oh wait, we’ve already been shown what Trump-merica™ will look like, haven’t we?



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