Another day, another embarrassing, delusional, completely self-unaware tweet from our man baby snowflake of a “president.” I’ve said it before, I’ll sit again: Our current commander in chief lives in Twitter, and you’d be doing yourself a service to get an account, if for no other reason than to find out immediately when he tweets proof of his insanity, rather than wait for the media to report it or for Facebook and other social media channels to get the info to you.

So here’s the latest tweet from Don the Con that had me laughing at his inability to see or care how patently hypocritical he is. He really did tweet out looking for sympathy for his surrogates from the press, if you can believe it.

Here’s the thing — maybe if Trump and his team hadn’t been so busy lying about their Russian contacts, people would be less skeptical. Maybe if Trump spent half as much time doing the things he claimed Obama never would — like acknowledging terror attacks if they’re perpetrated by people that don’t fit your political agenda — he and his team would get more sympathy from the rest of us. But I find it particularly hilarious that the guy who sent the following tweets would be complaining about how he or his representatives were treated.

Here he is being super-nice to Chuck Todd, a guy who’s most definitely a part of the same media that Trump says is “mean” to his team.

And here’s Apricot Pol Pot slamming a conservative Republican commentator because he didn’t support Trump’s campaign.

Here’s the Bully-In-Chief laying into 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Here he is shitting all over Senator Lindsey Graham after Graham dropped out of the GOP primary. I’m hoping Lindsey remembers this abuse and joins the sane people trying to remove Trump, myself.

Here Captain Numbnuts fires a salvo at both a media company — Fox News — and his primary rival at the time, Senator Marco Rubio. Again, I’d like to see Rubio use this tweet and others as inspiration for finding his backbone to resist Trump’s agenda…but I won’t hold my breath.

Here’s Trump beating up on super-duper liberal rag The Wall Street Journal:

This tweet put Politico in the Tangerine Twat Waffle’s sights.

Here’s Trump not only shitting all over Vanity Fair, but also lobbing a personal insult about its editor’s looks. Because you know, the fat fuck in a shitty hair piece is the guy who has the most high-ground to fling insults about looks, and all.

I could go on for hours doing this. Doing round-ups of insulting Trump tweets is like trying to find a piece of straw in a haystack. It’s more about choosing which ones to highlight than it is about actually finding them. If it’s a day that ends in “Y,” Trump is using Twitter to abuse someone. As a side note, I’ve started getting little “timeouts” from Twitter when I tell Trump or his team to go fuck themselves. Because we should definitely be defending public officials from the power of free speech. But anyway..

The clear lesson here, after looking at dozens of tweets in which Trump insulted various members of the press — is that Trump is a coward. He’s a little, whiny, coward of a snowflake. He can dish and dish and dish and dish and dish and dish until his little orange fingers fall off, but he can’t handle scrutiny. He can’t handle criticism. Because he’s never, ever had to.

His whole life was a gift. He was born not just on third and claiming a triple, he was born in the fucking stands, and his whole life he’s tried to claim he’s an All-Star on the field. Watching him melt down would be fun if I thought that his followers would start to wake up to just how dangerously loony he and most of his staff are. Instead, it’s equal parts entertaining and frightening.

I don’t know where the Trump Road is leading us. It’s not my job to predict; only to react and comment on what I think I see. And what I see before me right now is a wimp and a willing tool of misanthropic crazy people. I see someone who insults more people on Twitter before he takes his first morning shit complaining about how badly he and his people are treated.

…not that me seeing it means anything. We all see it. The question is just when all this idiocy will finally catch up to him. Who will take Trump tot ask? Who will hold him accountable like he’s never had to have been in his entire life up to this point? The Constitution gives us all the tools to hold any elected official to account; but will we?

You tell me. Because I don’t like the answer I come up with these days.


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