CNN reports  that Donald Trump Jr. said last night his Republican nominee father’s run for the presidency is in fact a “step down” from his normal place in life in the business world.

“Unlike Hillary Clinton, who’s gotten very rich being a politician, peddling American influence, he hasn’t — this is only a step down,” Trump Jr. told Fox News following the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas.

Trump Jr. added that his father wanted to ensure that “all Americans, all ethnicities and backgrounds have the same opportunities to do what he’s been able to do” in business.

First, that is a really high-brow, snot-nosed, spoiled rich kid thing to say, so it doesn’t surprise me at all to hear Jr say it. The only thing that does amaze me somewhat is the comment is not getting much attention. In a normal election, this would be scandalous. But we’ve already learned this is anything but a typical election season.

Also, I am not convinced it really would be a step down. It appears Don is running for the presidency to get away from, or at a minimum have some cover from, numerous legal problems. Now, did he run with the idea that he would only get to a certain point, boost his name brand, then ride off into the sunset? I don’t know, but I do suspect that is closer to the truth than he wanted to actually be the president. But here we are. At this point, it does not matter anymore.

Frankly, now it is simply about power, and in that context, Donald Trump Jr. is incorrect. The presidency would be a huge step up for Donnie Boy. His respectability was questionable before, and now he is a walking, blabbering orange joke. As president, he would command a certain level of respectability by default. That is why I believe he is still in this race. He craves the power and respect that comes with the office. And, of course, he cannot stand to lose, especially not to a girl.

There are very likely business reasons for him to justify a transition to the White House, but we mostly are left to speculate about those, since we do not have his tax returns to see where he does business and to whom he owes money. I have no doubt the title of President of the United States would benefit his enterprise, so that certainly would not be a step down.

The Republican nominee himself has suggested that a departure from presidential politics would make for a welcome return to his gilded private life.
“I go back to a very good way of life,” he told CNBC in August. “It’s not what I’m looking to do. I think we’re going to have a victory. But we’ll see.”

What he needs to do is go home, get out of my daily life, quit being such a divisive and polarizing figure, and attempt to salvage what is left of his businesses. Based on what I’ve read, the value of the Trump name has taken a steep nose dive.

November 8 we give him his marching orders. I wouldn’t want him to feel as if he’s slumming it. So he can just go on home. Good riddance and Bye Donnie.


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