I could never resist a good (i.e., bad) pun, so when I saw this title in a series of tweets reimagining songs for the modern political era, I ran with it. (These tweets were from one of my favorite humor writers, Paul Lander, and others included “Ivanka Hold Your Hand.” Lander wrote what is still my all-time favorite tweet about modern politics: “If Trump is using it, does it still count as a smart phone?”) But I digress…

Trump and his staff are working so hard to deny any contacts with Russians (and to obstruct any investigation thereof) that you have to wonder what they’re hiding. (Or to paraphrase William Shakespeare, “Methinks the Orange One doth protest too much.”)

Meanwhile the rest of us are wondering what the next revelation will be – and re-evaluating our desire to impeach Trump when we think about what a Mike Pence presidency would do to women’s rights, science, or the environment. Then there is also what Trump is trying to do to our environment right now.

In a sweeping new executive order, President Trump will order his Cabinet to start demolishing a wide array of Obama-era policies on global warming — including emissions rules for power plants, limits on methane leaks, a moratorium on federal coal leasing, and the use of the social cost of carbon to guide government actions.

Everyone knew this was coming: Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to repeal US climate regulations and unshackle the fossil fuel industry. But Tuesday’s order is only a first step. Trump’s administration will now spend years trying to rewrite rules and fend off legal challenges from environmentalists. And it’s not clear they’ll always prevail: Some of President Obama’s climate policies may prove harder to uproot than thought. (Vox)

So with all that pain and angst, I figured a torch song was in order… Enjoy!


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