You just gotta hand it to Donald Trump. The walking, talking, shart in an unconvincing hair piece is the absolute master at never finding rock bottom. Take for instance the fact that once Trump stopped self-funding his campaign and started taking donations, he jacked up the rent on his own Trump Tower apartment by about four times. According to the Huffington Post and several other outlets, when Trump made the switch from self-funded to donor-backed for his campaign, all of a sudden, it started costing a lot more for stuff he’d been paying for.

Trump nearly quintupled the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower to $169,758 in July, when he was raising funds from donors, compared with March, when he was self-funding his campaign, according to a Huffington Post review of Federal Election Commission filings. The rent jumped even though he was paying fewer staff in July than he did in March. (source)

Can there be any doubt now, that Donald Trump is the biggest conman to ever run for the presidency? I shutter to think the level of lies he could foist upon this country if he’s elected. He could make Dick Cheney’s Iraqi weapons of mass destruction seem like confirmed fact. To be honest, it’s only the fact that he’s such an abortion of a candidate and the polls are showing such a drastic ass-kicking coming his way, that I’m not truly terrified of the thought of him becoming president.
Now, let’s be fair to Donald for a moment. The fact that he’s asking his campaign to pay for his apartment rental is, well, laughable and sad considering he’s an alleged-billionaire. But it’s not really illegal, provided he’s actually conducting campaign business out of his apartment. But you and I and everyone else knows that this is just another con job for him. The proof is in the fact that as soon as someone else’s money was involved, the rent went up five times.
What I want to see now is how many Republicans come out and call Trump a moocher. Or a taker. Or you know, any of the number of names they give America’s poor when they dare to accept charity that isn’t coming from a conservative, Christian church. He fits all the classic signs of a taker — accepting other people’s money for something he can afford for himself. And yet, how many Republicans are still going to sing his praises as a “shrewd businessman” instead?
It’s interesting to me that Republicans will decry people for taking welfare, for example, but not bat an eyelash when a super-rich guy like Trump takes donor cash and pays his rent with it. They won’t say boo when they find out Trump, like so many in the One Percent, ducks and dodges taxes with every scheme imaginable. In fact, they’ll call that “wise” and say it’s only jealousy that makes we liberals care about what he pays in taxes at all.
And yet, it’s the tax cheats and robber barons like Trump who are truly the welfare kings. They take government assistance in the form of federally-backed business loans and then leverage the protection the government gives them as a corporate entity to simply walk away from their business debts in bankruptcy court. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that every dime those assholes don’t pay is left for the rest of us to pay.

“But James, if you just gut the government and make it super-duper tiny, you don’t have to worry about anyone paying too little or too much.”
And you also don’t have to worry about your meat being poisoned, your kids learning real science, or that highly-vaunted military of ours actually keeping us safe. So let’s just stop pretending that we care if you call taxes “theft,” shall we? Thanks.
So I tell you what, I’ll give fifty bucks to the first Trump supporter who honestly calls him out for this shit. Because it’s the Trump fans who should be doing it. While I am certain that most of Trump’s new donations are not coming in small, $27 increments, the fact is that he’s taking someone’s money and way over-billing for things he’s wanting that money to pay for. This is one of the oldest cons in the book, cooking your books, and he’s doing it in broad daylight.
The challenge is there, Trump supporters. Let’s see if anyone puts their mouths where their money’s going.


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