Melania Trump went on CNN with Anderson Cooper to defend her husband’s honor. She excused his “locker room talk” as succumbing to peer pressure, because…you know…strong, alpha males who are really smart and have the best brains cannot control themselves at the age of 59. Especially not around other boys!

Once you think about it, though, it’s actually a decent strategy. Trump can use this to broaden his appeal to the conservative base that lives to preach self accountability but never actually practices it. This may be the most Republican move he’s made to date!

My momma used to ask me, when I was about eight years old, “Child, if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too?” That seems like an apt lesson here. Except I learned it in elementary school.

NBC is holding Billy Bush accountable for his actions; he lost his job. However, somehow Donald Trump is still running for president. That is amazing.

A president must be able to stand up to world leaders and be tough yet diplomatic. We already knew Trump could not handle the latter; so his wife just proved he will not be good with the former. Is this really happening? Did someone within the campaign actually think through this and decide it would be an effective strategy?

Needless to say, Twitter is lit with #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt

Here are a few of my favorites. Donald, you stupid jackass, you absolutely deserve this and more.


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