So, last night President Donald Trump (and I will never, ever get used to typing that, by the way) gave his first one-one-one, exclusive interview of his presidency. David Muir of ABC News interviewed Trump and the dialogue between he and our president was broadcast last night. I can honestly say after watching it and reading the transcript, that I am ready to say I was wrong all along, that he will be a great president, and that he is totally focused on the right things while getting solid, sound advice from his advisers.

Or you know un-all of that.

It was a shit show. An unmitigated shit show. Trump defended his push to investigate what he says are widely reported incidents of voter fraud, citing a Pew report. But even when Muir told him the author of the report said Trump’s conclusion from it was completely incorrect, the bewigged bloviator didn’t back down. And that was just one of many cringe-inducing moments that made me realize that we are in for one hell of a stupid ride the next four years.

But rather than bleat on and on about it, I thought I’d have some fun and just show you in GIF form what my reactions to certain excerpts or moments from the interview were.

Right out of the gate we have this gem. A softball question, one where he can look presidential, respectful, and like a statesman. All he has to do is say, “Yes, and I have gotten a tremendous amount of respect for all the men who came before me. Instead, he ends up saying it’s a “tremendous magnitude” like it’s a baseball glove or a pair of socks he’s bought.

DAVID MUIR: Let me ask you, has the magnitude of this job hit you yet?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: It has periodically hit me. And it is a tremendous magnitude. And where you really see it is when you’re talking to the generals about problems in the world. And we do have problems in the world. Big problems. The business also hits because the — the size of it. The size. (source)

My response, in GIF-form:

Episode 8 Bullshit GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race - Find & Share on GIPHY

Then came this moment of WTF-ery. Muir was asking Trump about how since being elected he’s had to admit that the taxpayers will pay for his stupid wall. He’s right that he didn’t technically say that Mexico would pay for it from the start, but he implied it over and over again, and his supporters are naive enough to believe that’s what he meant. So he’s basically saying, “You pay for it now, and somehow, someway we’ll get you reimbursed.”

DAVID MUIR: What are you gonna say to some of your supporters who might say, “Wait a minute, I thought Mexico was going to pay for this right at the start.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I’d say very simply that they are going to pay for it. I never said they’re gonna pay from the start. I said Mexico will pay for the wall. But what I will tell my supporters is, “Would you like me to wait two years or three years before I make this deal?” Because we have to make a deal on NAFTA. We have to make a new trade deal with Mexico because we’re getting clobbered. (source)

My response, in GIF-form:

This answer of Trump’s came when they were discussing how many undocumented people Trump believes voted. Keep in mind that Trump’s own attorneys have said they have no evidence of voter fraud.

I would’ve won the popular vote if I was campaigning for the popular vote. I would’ve gone to California where I didn’t go at all. I would’ve gone to New York where I didn’t campaign at all.

I would’ve gone to a couple of places that I didn’t go to. And I would’ve won that much easier than winning the electoral college. But as you know, the electoral college is all that matters. It doesn’t make any difference. So, I would’ve won very, very easily. But it’s a different form of winning. You would campaign much differently. You would have a totally different campaign. So, but … (source)

My response, in GIF-form:

I could do this with just about every statement Trump made in this interview. But I wanted to highlight just one more passage, which illustrates the level of delusion that Republicans just ushered into the White House. When Muir straight-up tells him that the guy who wrote the Pew report that Trump is citing said Trump was wrong, we got another trademark equivocation from President Snowflake.

DAVID MUIR: What you have presented so far has been debunked. It’s been called …


DAVID MUIR: … false.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: No, it hasn’t. Take a look at the Pew reports.

DAVID MUIR: I called the author of the Pew report last night. And he told me that they found no evidence of voter …


DAVID MUIR: … fraud.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Really? Then why did he write the report?

DAVID MUIR: He said no evidence of voter fraud.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Excuse me, then why did he write the report?


PRESIDENT TRUMP: According to Pew report, then he’s — then he’s groveling again. You know, I always talk about the reporters that grovel when they wanna write something that you wanna hear but not necessarily millions of people wanna hear or have to hear. (source)

My response, in GIF form:

Jon Stewart Bullshit GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert - Find & Share on GIPHY

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