And for something lighthearted at the expense of Ted Cruz…because you really can never have too many of those things.

I have a question for you: Should you have to be able to spell the word “country” correctly in order to run one? Thanks to Gawker, we all got to at least see a screenshot from a pro-Ted Cruz SuperPAC that misspelled one of the most commonly used words in politics — “country.”


Call me crazy, but aren’t conservatives always making fun of liberals and their “public school” education? Cruz is not the first nor the last candidate to have a glaring typo in something released on his behalf, and as someone who types thousands of words a day and makes his own typographical errors within those words often, I’m not here to chastise anyone seriously over a spelling mistake, just to simply mock them because of their high-minded air of superiority that permeates their words and actions.

Don’t mistake this as being some implication that Cruz is a moron, or that Republicans are all dumb. This is simply a shining moment in time when we can extend our index fingers and go full-Nelson Muntz on Ted Cruz, which given just how smarmy a dickhead he is, should be done with glee at all times. Let’s be completely fair — this ad was not put out by Ted Cruz’s campaign. It was put out by Courageous Conservatives, a group affiliated with Ted. So they are the ones who deserve the most gleeful mocking.

Truthfully though, picking on Cruz and anybody tangentially related to Cruz is so fun I think because of the air of superiority that he puts on. He’s certainly not the only politician to act like his feces have a distinct odor of sunshine and roses, but Ted Cruz is particularly up front with his behavior that lends you to believe he’s making all kinds of judgments about you behind your back. But no, Cruz himself didn’t misspell country.

Does this singular instance of a typo mean much? Of course it doesn’t. If misspelling the word “country” is the worst thing ever associated with Ted Cruz, then we should all breathe a sigh of relief for having dodged a bullet. The man is a Christian Dominionist who thinks pot is as bad as crack, God gave him the right to discriminate against gay people, and that we should shut down the entire government any time we don’t get what we want. Honestly, misspelling a word is the least of my concerns about this sociopath, but any chance to make fun of Ted Cruz is a chance you have to take. It’s like gravity; an unavoidable law of nature.


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