Am I mistaken, or has the entire Republican-led witch hunt against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama been about whether or not they “politicized” the deaths of the Americans who lost their lives in the Benghazi attacks back in 2012? Because honestly the “investigation” has drug on so long, I can’t remember what the initial complaint was, or why they’re still pursuing it. I mean, the “stand down order” has been debunked so many times, so it’s just about how Clinton and Obama politicized the tragedy in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential election, right?

If that’s the case, they have managed to reach yet another new astounding low in their race to the hypocritical bottom. This time, shockingly to no one, they are revealing their duplicity over the vacant Supreme Court Seat that Antonin Scalia’s huge favor to humanity has opened up.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch “One Term Obama” McConnell and several key Republican senators have vowed to block anyone that President Obama nominates to fill the vacancy. Keep in mind, the Constitution gives sole power of nomination to the president. That’s the same constitution that Republicans claim to have a nearly sexual obsession with. The same constitution they claim the president shreds and uses as Obama litter in the White House. Apparently that very same constitution’s prescribed practice for replacing Supreme Court justices isn’t good enough for Mitch and the Republicans.

Too fuckin’ bad, Mitchy.

The thing is, and remember,  I am a comedian and don’t know shit about fuck, I can’t see how this ends well for Republicans if they block the nomination. This is a presidential election year. All eyes will be on D.C. from pretty much here until Election Night. Lots and lots of moderate Americans are going to be bombarded with images of stalwart Republicans looking like petulant children as they keep the country from getting on with business as usual. I can’t see how this isn’t a disaster for them in moderate swing states.

They’re up against it, defending their majority already as it is. So to add in the hilariously stupid decision to look like whiny babies over the Supreme Court nomination, and it seems like it’d be a recipe for Republican disaster. Then again, what the hell do I know? Politicizing death is what the Republicans do best, and they still win elections.

Look at how nuts they’ve gone over those clearly bullshit Planned Parenthood videos. And that’s just the tip of their abortion iceberg. These are the people who show up in front of clinics with giant signs plastered with images of aborted fetuses, and they have the gall to say that Hillary and Barack politicized Benghazi? They’ve been politicizing death for decades now. If that’s an indictment of a party’s leadership, then the Republicans should be up on the most charges.

Here’s why I’m harping on this subject so much — it speaks as always to their misplaced piety. It speaks to their judgment of liberals as crass, godless, amoral jerks. It speaks to their never-ending symphony of hypocrisy. If they would just stop all the sermonizing and histrionics and admit that they’ve been going after Clinton and Obama on Benghazi for political reasons, I’d actually have at least some respect for their honesty. If they would come out and say they want to de-fund Planned Parenthood because it’s good for campaign donations and has nothing to do with actually stopping abortions (because if that were the case, they’d be in favor of groups like Planned Parenthood that give people the tools to avoid getting pregnant in the first place), I’d at least honor their intellectual honesty.

Instead, we have another example of their very transparent duplicity. Of course they politicize death. They politicize war, and that’s the ultimate in politically-charged death, isn’t it? Even if it were true that they didn’t politicize Benghazi or Planned Parenthood — which they certainly did — they still have completely politicized Scalia’s death by saying they’ll block any Obama nominations, completely ceding any moral high ground as the “Constitution First” party.

But, to be fair, just as Obama has the constitutional duty to nominate Supreme Court Justices, congress does in fact have the constitutional authority to block them. It’s just that usually they get to a vote first. McConnell and his ilk are swearing to not even let the nomination get to the floor. If that doesn’t remind you of a toddler stamping his feet over a nap he has to take but refuses to, I don’t know what will.

Republicans politicize death, just like Democrats politicize death. Perhaps it’d be best for all parties involved to drop the routine and just admit they politicize everything they can to their advantage. But instead, I’m sure it’ll just be more finger pointing and willful ignorance of their own politicization, because that’s easier than honesty, I guess.



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