AOL — yes they still exist and, no, not just as a “coasters that look like CDs” distribution company — is reporting right now that a Super PAC has been formed to draft Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) to run for president.

The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan filed papers as a Super PAC with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday, adding to the groups of mainstream Republican leaders and donors with a shared goal: stopping Trump. (source)

Just when I thought this election couldn’t be any more entertaining, we get this news. What on God’s Green Earth would make Republican donors think the country wants a guy that no one wanted as Vice President in the Oval Office? Clearly the thought of the wormy, Ayn Rand sycophantic sociopath being a missed heartbeat away from the presidency scared voters enough in 2012. But now the GOP donor class actually thinks Ryan’s the guy they can turn to in their efforts to thwart Trump?

How rich.

Here’s just one comment on the AOL article that will sum up for you perfectly just why Paul Ryan and the GOP are utterly and completely hosed.


Now, this kind of comment is actually pretty “garden variety” on the Internet, especially from conservatives. I’m not sure if people in the GOP power structure just have not ventured into comment sections or message boards, but I have. And before message boards and comment threads, the anti-establishment feelings in the GOP were growing decades ago, fostered by people like Rush Limbaugh convincing Republican base voters not to trust anyone in government, which inevitably led to them not trusting their own party’s leadership.

Party elites are growing so afraid of Trump that they’re grasping for someone, anyone, to reestablish even a soupçon of dignity and class to their ilk. But how they thought that floating Ryan would be the right move is beyond me. Many didn’t think he was the right choice for their nominee’s running mate in 2012. The funny thing is that to liberals like myself Ryan is an extremist. He’s sponsored personhood bills that give underdeveloped fetuses the same constitutional rights as fully-developed women, and the math in his budgets are always so atrocious that back in 2012 the Romney camp did everything it could to bury his budget and not talk about it. But to Republican base voters? He’s a RINO, you see, and he’s not conservative enough.

Perhaps even more amazing is that clearly to Republican voters Ted Cruz is a RINO. That blows my mind since Cruz threw a tantrum and shutdown the whole government over Obamacare, but there you go. Rubio is also obviously not respected as a “true” Republican in their eyes as well.

Then again, if you’re the Republican establishment, do you really believe that your voters want a rock-ribbed conservative when they are eschewing Captain Booger Lover and the Robotic Kid in favor of Trump? The guy is so fucking nuts we can’t honestly tell if he’s trolling as a Democratic plant or a true harbinger of horseshit yet to come, and he’s being embraced by a huge voting bloc. Conservatives can blanch all they want at the suggestion, but clearly this far into the primary it’s obvious to everyone that Trump, for better or worse, has permanently exposed what kind of voters the GOP has depended on since their ascent in the early 1980’s. They’ve tried to deny it and say it’s really the left and Democrats that are racists (because they think they the KKK being started by racist Democrats mean they don’t have racist Republicans among them now, natch), but at this point it’s just one more piece of bullshit on the pile that is their ethos.

Of course, there is a tiny bit of me that doesn’t really blame the Trump supporters who are willfully and gleefully self-destructing their party. Much like the Democratic Party, the GOP has become a little too disconnected from the people without whom they wouldn’t have jobs. In a way, Trump signifies a reckoning that the party elites must have with each other. Of course, them running to Paul Ryan to fix it shows they haven’t had that reckoning yet, and may not have it until it’s too late and they’re watching President Hillary or Bernie dance the night away come next January.



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