If Bernie Sanders supporters are mostly made up of mooching, freeloading, millennial college kids who don’t know how to get a job in the real world, why is he smoking Hillary Clinton in fundraising donations still, even after everyone in the media has written him off?

Where, exactly, are these moochers getting money from? Are we really going to believe that it’s simply them getting money from their parents to donate to a political campaign? Or are we going to get real for a second and admit that there are a lot of middle class families who have given $27 dollars (more than once) to a campaign they believe in? Because the reality as I see it is pretty simple.

Yes, Sanders is seeing a huge amount of support from young millennials who want to move the country in a progressive way, toward the kinds of services that many other countries provide via progressive taxation. But if you think that’s the only group supporting Bernie Sanders, you’re buying into his opposition’s talking points and old, anti-socialist rhetoric which is tremendously funny given this country’s use of socialist programs and publicly (read: taxpayer) funded roads and services.

The absolute unavoidable truth is that Sanders enjoys a ton of support from hard working Americans. You don’t pull in the kinds of small donations that he does without having the support of working families, period. So while it’s all fun and games to generalize about Bernie supporters being out of work, lazy bums, let’s take a look at some of Sanders’ most outspoken supporters, shall we?

This is Sarah Silverman. Sarah is a hard working comedian and actress. In fact, you may have noticed she was even nominated for an Academy Award this year. You could accuse Sarah of a lot of things, mostly being fucking hilarious and a champion of the common person. But one thing I really don’t think you could accurate level at her as an accusation would be that she doesn’t work. Something tells me Sarah’s not endorsing Bernie because she needs free tuition, and she doesn’t even have kids so she’s not trying to get out of paying for their college or healthcare either.


This is Steve Wozniak. Maybe you’ve never heard of him, but I am sure you have heard of his old partner, Steve Jobs. You see, Woz pretty much invented Apple Computers back in the day, and he and Jobs helped launch a tech empire and revolution that is shaping the lives we live now. You’re probably reading this on one of the devices his hard work made possible. Again, just like Silverman you could level all kinds of charges at Woz, like that he’s a humanitarian and good guy, but you can’t call him a moocher. Yet, he’s also supporting Bernie. But why? It’s not like he needs free stuff, right? Gee, it’s almost like it’s possible to support Sanders’ vision for this country without doing so because you want something for nothing…

Adam McKay

And finally, this is Adam McKay. He also was nominated for a couple Oscars this year for his writing and directing of the film “The Big Short.” You’ve also maybe heard of some his films he did with Will Ferrell like “Anchorman,” and he and Ferrell also started this little website called Funny or Die you might have heard of. Now, I’m not McKay’s personal accountant, but I think he’s doing okay financially. Yet, he’s endorsed Bernie Sanders too. What free handouts do you thin McKay is gunning for?

Now, you tell me: If I can easily find three supporters of Sanders that in no way are endorsing him so they can get free shit, do you think maybe…just maybe…the whole meme is bullshit? I mean, I don’t want to lead you all to water and make you drink or anything but…



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