Dear Trump Voters,

I keep hearing a lot of you angry and screaming out about how you are tired of being called “racist” or “homophobic” for being conservative. Please, let me assuage some of your fears. Many of us on the left do not actually think most or even the majority of you are racists or xenophobes or bigots. What we do think is that you turn a blind eye to it when your party or people in your party display these traits.

This is self-evident in Trump’s election. The man called for the registration of Muslims on the campaign trail. I’m not the “everyone is Hitler” guy, but if you took even one history class that briefly discussed the early 20th century, you’d know why that’s a scary thought.

Trump called ALL Mexican immigrants rapists, murderers, or drug dealers. You cannot spin that. It came out of his mouth, and the context was extraordinarily clear.

There are multitudinous examples of this self-serving self-ignorant bubble that you put yourselves in. The first president to be elected without public service on his resume was also the first president to be elected who was endorsed openly by the KKK.

During the campaign my last name and anti-Trump attitudes got me doxed. I got food sent to my house I didn’t order, and one nasty troll actually looked me up, and posted the Google Maps image of my home, where I live with my wife and kids, on Twitter. In fact, Twitter is a well-documented cesspool of racism right now.

I want to know how you can turn your backs on all that. I want to know how you can hear those words coming out of that man’s mouth and simply sit back and say, “Welp, that’s not really him, the media lies, and also libtards, so, here we go…” and then hand the most power this planet has ever known to a fully unqualified, inexperienced man who at the very least is okay with stoking racists to win votes.

I know, that’s not you. Right? YOU aren’t racist. You’re just broke and angry and tired of Washington. So are ALL OF US. So are the gay kids who want to live and be happy and love who they want. So are the black families struggling to put food on the table after working four jobs. So are the Muslim families who came here after 9/11 and well before to make better lives for themselves.

If you want to be the best country in the world you have to stop pretending that those of us on the left are threatening you. Because that’s what the Trump election really is. It’s a lashing out because — ironically enough — you are all special snowflakes who think you’re the first ones to discover the lie of “rugged individualism.”

I was a conservative. I was a conservative Republican. I was a conservative, evangelical Republican. And I know that I never once thought I was better than black folks. I never once thought gay kids were to be burned at the stake.

But I did buy into policies and rhetoric that had the EFFECT and the AFFECT of harming those groups. I bought into a party that taught me EVERYONE ELSE was lying to me about the truth. And I told myself that I couldn’t be racist because I wasn’t racist inside.

I woke up from that coma. I got out of that cult. And I realized that rugged individualism starts with a loving, caring family. That family grows into a community. And that community fosters the environment where you can be a rugged individual.

But let’s get back to YOU. Because this election was clearly all about you. You came out of your Fox News safe spaces and you elected Trump, and you’re not a racist because “That’s not” you.


You can say, “Well that’s not us.” But now, you have to fucking PROVE IT. I mean that. PROVE US WRONG.

When Muslims are accosted on the street, say something. Hell, when that dipshit next you attacks the Sikh family because he’s a moron and doesn’t realize Sikh’s aren’t Muslims, say something. Defend your LGBTQ FELLOW AMERICANS from the persecution of the law. Spare us all your religious crusades.

In other words — disprove the stereotypes. Because until you do, whether you want to admit it or not, you gave rise to racists again. You’ve been in denial among your movement for decades, and you still don’t acknowledge the Southern Strategy was real.

But all that is prologue to now. Show us we were wrong, and be benevolent. Be understand. For fuck’s sake, be the people who watched Sesame Street and Mister Rogers with us and show us you, deep-down, really do care about ALL Americans. Show us how much you truly believe that ALL LIVES MATTER.

I have never wanted to be proved wrong more in my life than I do right now. Let’s get back to arguing over what the tax rate should be, not whether we should protect minorities from abuse. We settled that a long time ago. I want to mend the fences, and I promise you that I will be gracious and give you credit where it is due when it’s due. I’m not an asshole because I’m a liberal. I’m an asshole for, like, way more reasons than that. So please, pretty please, prove me wrong.

I want to be wrong about Trump and what he’ll do to this country.


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