I am a Democrat. I am liberal. In all my years as a Conservative, I never thought of Democrats as more or less anything than I. I simply felt they had a different political opinion. However, since I “changed teams” well before this election, I have discovered I am many things, the vast majority of them too ridiculous to address. However, one stands out as the most frequently cited and simultaneously the most inane, asinine, and absurd. Although I could easily turn it into a compliment, I will not betray my heritage.

My dear Trump voters, I am not elite. I am so far removed from elite, as are many liberals, I laugh when I hear you use this word as an insult. I believe you need to work on your barbs, and come up with something less flattering and perhaps more relevant.

Merriam-Webster defines elite as the best of a class; the socially superior part of society; or a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence.

I fit no part of Merriam-Webster’s definition of elite by even a smidge. I grew up wearing handmade clothes to school. By working my ass off, I managed a full-ride to a state college where I was the first person in my extended family on either side to graduate from college. My mother did her best to shield me from the jailbirds and drug addicts on her side, and my father saved every penny he could for my education. It was never a question of “if”; it was always “where” I would go.

I was part of the last of the Gen Xers to graduate college and stumble into a job, although it took me five months to find one. My gratitude was expressed in my work ethic; I was promoted in less time than any previous staff accountant before me. Once again I worked my ass off and studied until my eyeballs wanted to bleed, and despite having a baby, I received my professional certification.

We live in Mississippi, which is not exactly the bastion of elitism. I can Woo Pig or Hotty Toddy whenever the need arises. I own a Sig Sauer 9mm P320, and I spent my last birthday at the range. My idea of dressing up is wearing my fancy black yoga pants, which have never been to yoga, in case you were wondering. I enjoy football, and I taught my daughter how to throw a spiral. If you drop by my house for dinner, there is a high probability you will eat off paper plates. We call everyone “honey” or “darlin'”, and I’m grateful that is socially acceptable, because I am terrible with names.

As for power and influence? I try very hard to exert some over my kid. I think a good parent has that, and her father and I hope we have a bit of sway with her. That is it, though.

In other words, my dear Trump voter, I am a regular person, with a regular life, in a regular class of society. We are probably quite a bit a like, except we have different political opinions. As difficult as that may be for you to believe and accept, it is not only possible…it is true. And I am not the only one.



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