Oh for fuck’s sake, Todd.
I really cannot believe we are discussing this. I’m gonna make it short and sweet though. I watched the White House Correspondence Dinner, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The best part of all? Every over-dressed pasty white person in that room was squirming like a worm on the end of a fishing hook.  It’s comedy. It’s a roast. And goddamn it was funny! I never watched Dubya, and I can’t even imagine how bad that must have been, but Obama has a gift by himself, which you obviously didn’t appreciate. Is there even one thing you can complement about the man? Eh, never mind. I wouldn’t want to break you.

But Larry Wilmore? He’s fucking brilliant! He wasn’t there to entertain your racist, bigoted, Faux News “Fair and Balanced” bull-shit reporting ass. Larry Wilmore was there at the request of the First African-American President in the history of the United States of America. (That’s not you, just in case you were confused.)
FYI Todd: Nobody gives a rat’s ass what you think.
So when Larry, at the end, gave an emotional, heart-felt thank you to the President for representing the African-American community for the last eight years, when Larry spoke so eloquently from the bottom of his heart and told his President what it meant to him to go from a nation in which it was considered impossible for a black man to lead a football team to a nation where a black man led the free world, Larry was speaking to his hero, to his brother, and in that moment, in that amazing and wonderful, appreciative final statement, it did not even phase me that Larry owned the word that some white people stole and misused for years.

By the way, even if it had, it is not my place to say a word. I wouldn’t even begin to know what to say, because it isn’t my situation. You’re white, Todd. Shut the fuck up and keep your opinions on the minority experience in America to yourself. Race is a crazy sensitive subject, and people like you are the reason why. It will continue to be, until white people stop pretending racism doesn’t exist and that they are the ones who get to tell black people how to make it better. Got it? Sit your white ass down, shut your white mouth up, and just fucking STOP.
Bless your lily white heart.


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