Honestly? I never fucking liked Curt Schilling to begin with. Being a Dodgers fan (sorry, not sorry), I had to watch everyone in Arizona fawn over him, even though he always seemed like an arrogant douchebag to me. Granted, I am taking nothing away from his prowess as a pitcher. I’m just saying there’s an inverse relationship between the velocity on his fastball and the intellectual acumen with which he pontificates.
Case in point:
A civil war, Curt, really? Because you have to start treating people equally and not judge them based on superficial physical traits or the fact that they love someone of the same gender? Eat a dick with that kind of lunacy. The thing is, we did actually have to wage a civil war to end slavery, and we allegedly all learned our lesson from that. That lesson, namely, was that we have courts for a reason, and we want to use them in order to make good on that silly idea that all area created equal.
Before we go much further, the context of Schilling’s stupid comment was that he was discussing his firing from ESPN after he made a transphobic social media post. That’s really important to keep in mind because when conservatives say stuff about how persecuted they are, it’s usually after they’ve said or done something most of us would get called assholes for doing. They confuse being called assholes for being persecuted. A simple mistake, but one they make often.
This notion that white Christians are being victimized is cute. It’s bullshit, but it’s cute.
Christmas is still a federal holiday. The latest Gallup polling from December of 2015 showed that 75% of Americans still identify as some sort of Christian.We still sing “God Bless America” at sporting events. Candidates for president are still loathe to come out as atheists and instead each of them is asked about their faith in some regard.
To say that Christians are under attack in this country is really, really fucking stupid, Curt.
You know what is under attack though? Being a bigot. Being a discriminatory asshole is too. But being Christian? Nah, son. See, the thing is that Christianity has nothing to do with bigotry unless you interpret the Bible that way; it’s all on you. How do I know this?
Well, I used to fucking be a Christian for starters, but more importantly, there are millions of Christians in this country that don’t think the government should keep adults from marrying and don’t think we should have a say in where people pee or poop. There are Christians all over America who don’t want Muslims banned for being Muslim, and don’t want all brown-skinned people deported.
So, no. This isn’t about Christianity. It’s about shitty Christians.
Curt’s just confused, like so many conservatives are, about what is really being “attacked” about his views. It has nothing to do with any God, and has everything to do with the actions of those professing to be Godly. Period. If you want to see attacks on Christendom, go to ISIS-controlled Iraq and Syria. Shit’s real for Christians out there. Here Christians have had it so good for so long that when they are finally told they can’t be dicks just because they’re Christians, they think they’re the persecuted ones.

Schilling is entitled to say, think, and feel whatever he wants about Muslims, transgender people, or any other minority group. He’s just not protected by law from the public outcry, scorn, derision, and judgment he will receive for those beliefs. The only people who are pushing us to civil war are the ones saying every five seconds we’re going to have one, period. If you think that being told your bigoted statements won’t be tolerated without confrontation anymore makes you persecuted, I don’t know what to tell you.
Persecution would be if we were rounding up Christians and putting them in jail. Persecution would be if we suddenly told them that they don’t have the First Amendment’s protections anymore. Persecution is not public scorn, and it never will be. There is nothing unfair about telling someone, “Hey, what you’re saying about Group XYZ is fucked up.” That’s just how discourse works.
Of course, I’m not really surprised that Schilling is trying to play the victim card. Religious conservatives in this country have a martyr complex so bad you expect to see them hauling crucifixes around town just in case they need to climb up there on a moment’s notice and make you feel bad for them. People aren’t persecuting Christians, they’re telling them to stop persecuting the rest of us.


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