One thing is becoming abundantly clear — we are entering an era in American politics where major news stories will happen 140 characters at a time.

President-Elect Donald Trump is a Twitter addict; that much is true. He must be, otherwise he’d be able to restrain himself from his tweet rages in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe it’s the short format of tweets, or maybe it’s that even off Twitter he’s a boorish, bullying asshole, but the medium lends itself to making Trump come off as even more unhinged.

It seems like every day, literally every single day I wake up to find more comedy gold packed into the bewigged bastard’s timeline. I live on the west coast, so I’m usually still sleeping when the coke finally reaches a point in Donny’s brain when he simply must lash out at all his critics. What’s becoming more and more apparent is that two subjects — losing the popular vote and Russian hacking — are Trump’s biggest bugaboos, and they elicit the best foamy-mouthed Tweets.

This morning was no exception. First, Trump decided it was time to let us all know he and his team are pushing their own theories about the veracity of the dossier put together by a former British spy. Trump tweeted that the information is “phony” and it was funded by his political adversaries. That much is actually true, or at least was part of CNN’s coverage of the dossier.

Please note…please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee note that he is offering absolutely zilch as evidence to debunk the claims of the MI6 agent. And it’s probably a pretty easy thing to figure out why he might be hiding for fear of his life. If the information is even half-true in the leaked dossier, he’s just published embarrassing and incriminating information about the future president and one of the most vicious, murderous scumbags in the form of Putin. So trying to make it sound like he’s a bad guy just because he’s in hiding is laughable, right Edward Snowden?

Of course it’s also hilarious to me that he’s complaining about “sleazebag political operatives” trying to harm him. During the campaign, someone named Jack Posobiec hit my radar. Posobiec is about as hardcore a Trump sycophant as you can get. He’s an activist and the reason he came to my attention is that he was blatantly spreading vicious lies about the alleged “assassination”  attempt on Trump just before the election. I wrote a piece calling out his bullshit in a previous piece, and since the election, he’s been stirring up the shit as seen in the report below.

Inside The Alt-Right’s Campaign To Smear Trump Protesters As Anarchists

Less than a week after the 2016 presidential election, a Trump supporter named Alan Beck tweeted two photographs of an anti-Trump protest in Washington, DC, in which a hooded figure held aloft a sign reading “Rape Melania.” The images went viral, and the sign – as well as Twitter – drew swift condemnation from news outlets both right and left.

So we already know, by name, someone who is pro-Trump and spreading malicious bullshit as truth. Therefore, for Trump to whine about it is kind of stupid. Not to mention that even though he’s probably not directing Posobiec, Trump is still the dumb douche who accused Ted Cruz’s father of being a party to the JFK assassination. For Chrissakes Trump was the one out there on the news pushing Birtherism, which is a truck load of racist bullshit. So yeah, I have no sympathy for the idiot if the golden showers stories aren’t true. It’s called comeuppance, and Trump has a fuckload of that coming his way.

And speaking of blathering off at the mouth and saying shit without any evidence to back it up. Here are some more early morning tweets from the head twit-elect.

Someone should tell Donny that the Democrats and plenty of others who aren’t Democrats are freaking out about this because Comey knew both you and Hillary were being targeted and they didn’t release info on both. Instead, Comey selectively told the country about Hillary’s emails they’d found — which turned out to be duplicates and non-story — and didn’t tell tell us about how likely it is that Russia’s got his number.

Even the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal is calling for James Comey to resign. Does Trump really think that what Comey did was acceptable? What if it had been the reverse and Comey had selectively announced the Trump dossier, which Senator John McCain confirmed he gave to the FBI? Trump would have been tweeting all day every day about that, and justifiably so. The FBI is never, ever supposed to put their thumb on the scale of an election, and boy howdy did Comey do exactly that.

No matter how this all plays out, it’s clear that Trump’s Twitter feed is going to be a cavalcade of whining, bullying, and equivocation. It’s amazing that the party who claimed Obama wasn’t a serious person and degraded the stature of the office has put such a cry baby bitch boy in the Oval Office. But then again, they’re also the party that tried to tell us Russia was our number one enemy, and now they’re all like, “Whatever, Make Russia Great Again, man,” now that they won.

It’s probably only going to get weirder and weirder over time too. As it becomes more normalized for Trump to interact with the world from high-atop his ivory Trump Tower via 140-character bursts, who knows the level of inanity we’ll reach. I just truly hope that smart world leaders know that many millions of Americans are like me and are genuinely embarrassed by and disavow nearly everything the idiot-elect tweets.

It’s been fifteen minutes, I need to go see if Trump’s tweeted another meltdown in the works.

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