It’s so sad those privileged white men over at Faux News are being accused of sexual harassment against their will, when all they ever wanted to do was run a fair and balanced news station for the Ultra-Conservative Christian Right while staring at big boobies all day. Roger Ailes and the boys helped those lasses with their careers, and all they ever asked in return was a few blow jobs here and some ass pinches there, and now they go and have the nerve to spread these vicious attacks!
Now it’s just “Politically Correct” to admit that women can be both promoted and the victims sexual harassment of at the same time, and the man who would apparently give anything to have sexual relations with his own hot daughter is not going to be politically correct and risk losing his redneck, cousin-humping base of supporters under any circumstances.

So what if it were his own beautiful and precious spawn being asked to bang a boomer to advance her career?
Oh, Daddy Trump has the bestest advice for daughter Ivanka. If she ever gets in a situation where an old, nasty boss man grabs her ass or says she should have sex with him to get a promotion, she should definitely get a new father…I mean, she absolutely needs to just go out and get another job! Better yet, just change careers altogether! Easy peasy, right?

If nothing else, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Blue Collar Billionaire really is one of us…if of course by one of us, you mean a gross, misogynistic bully who festishizes his female employees and demands sexual favors in return for pay raises. Or maybe he’s relating more to the majority of women who can easily afford to quit their job and go work somewhere else, maybe even take a few weeks off for a visit to the spa in between and get their nails done while sipping Cosmopolitans and getting massages at the beach while the nanny chases the kiddos.
Goddamn brilliant Donald. I can barely tell you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth.
While we’re here, though, let’s put a little myth to rest for those who think these lovely ladies at Fox deserved what they got, because FUCK YOU if you do. From Kirsten Powers, a paid commentator at Fox News and USA Today:

Actually, it’s not a “theory” that sexual harassers are found in any work place. It’s a fact. I’ve been harassed or on the receiving end of sexist and inappropriate behavior almost every place I’ve ever worked. That includes on Democratic campaigns and as political appointee in the Clinton administration. It didn’t matter that in the latter case, I wore boxy Ann Taylor suits, sported no makeup and wore my hair pulled back in an unflattering ponytail. It turns out women’s attire doesn’t cause (or prevent) inappropriate behavior.
Moreover, “hot” and “beautiful” and “leggy” women don’t cause sexual harassment. Women of all kinds are victims of sexual harassment in every type of office environment. Sexual harassment — like rape — is about exerting power, not out-of-control male hormones.
Hall and Talbot also invoked “short skirts” in discussing the alleged harassment at Fox News. Sorry, but short skirts don’t cause sexual harassment any more than they cause rape (an old misogynist trope). In fact, Rudi Bakhtiar, who has alleged she was sexually harassed by a male superior while at Fox, says she only wore pants to work. This apparently provided no protection. Frankly, the idea that exposed legs are some sort of sexual provocation is an argument one would expect to hear from a religious fundamentalist, not a feminist.
All together now: Women don’t cause sexual harassment, harassers do.


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