Now that Donald Trump has made it “mainstream” to run for office no matter what the hell you’ve said or done, Curt Schilling (America’s Sweetheart of Baseball and Faux Christian Persecution) has reached deep down in his soul – or perhaps not so deeply into his emptying pockets – and decided his obvious next move is to jump into the political arena.
Curt Schilling announced Monday on, where else, an AM radio interview, that he is seriously considering a 2018 run against Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). “She’s a nightmare. The left’s holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton, Lord knows we don’t need the first.” Captain Obvious here: Trump Supporter.
Schilling’s latest shenanigans provided me personally with a great deal of entertainment, when my Facebook feed filled up with Self-Righteous Religious Right-Wingers decrying the moral decline of ‘Murica when Curt was fired from ESPN for “standing up for his Christian values.” It also proved how many Conservatives have no idea what the First Amendment actually protects.
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Prior to that, he had a history of posting hateful and factually incorrect anti-Muslim propaganda, for which he was suspended from ESPN. Can you feel the Christian love yet?
Just one of many examples, SB Nation notes:

This comparison of one of the most peaceful quotes in the New Testament to a quote that is not actually in the Quran. (I’m not a Quranic expert, but googling this phrase mainly leads to message boards run by Christians about how Muslims are bad. At any rate, Ibn Ishaq, the source being cited, was a biographer who lived 150 years after Muhammad, and his works are not considered part of the Quran.)

In case you aren’t quite feeling like Curt Schilling is qualified to oust Senator Warren in a Blue State, we can go back a bit further into Curt’s resume and find a few more qualifications for him.

He is completely opposed to gay marriage…and he wants to run for office in the first state that legalized it. Seriously.
He has a huge collection of Nazi memorabilia that he has documented on his Facebook page and bragged about as “WWII” artifacts.
And my personal favorite, the Hypocrite of the Year Award, goes to Curt Schilling for his failed business, 38 Studios. Mr. Conservative Pull Yourself Up By Your Own Bootstraps the Government Isn’t Here to Take Care of You borrowed $75 million from the state of Rhode Island, sunk $50 million of his own money into it, and ran it into the ground. Boston Magazine did an extensive story in 2012, and the ego alone of this man is mind-numbing.

Before going under, it defaulted on the $75 million guaranteed loan that the state of Rhode Island had used in 2010 to lure it to Providence. As the money ran out, the company encouraged its 379 employees to continue coming into work, even though it knew it could not pay them. Staffers realized they’d been stiffed only when they noticed the money missing from their bank accounts. A pregnant woman had to find out from her doctor that her healthcare benefits had been cut off.
Add it all up, including interest, and already-cash-strapped Rhode Island could be out as much as $110 million on the loans. As Schilling sits beside the softball diamond, his company, with nearly $151 million in debt and just $22 million in assets, is being liquidated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When it failed, he blamed the state, the governor, the programmers, his employees, and probably his dog; I suppose it never occurred to him that a bigoted baseball player with a penchant for persecution probably didn’t have the business sense to be the next Bill Gates?

After the precipitous collapse, Schilling tried to blame Rhode Island’s governor, Lincoln Chafee—who you may or more likely may not recall as a Democratic candidate for president this year—for torpedoing the company. (Chafee also accused Schilling of faking the infamous bloody sock he wore in the 2004 World Series.) Former employees, however, were quick to pin the blame on Schilling himself. source

Go ahead though, Curt. In fact, please run. Senator Warren will have you as a side dish with her breakfast. And I will personally enjoy all of your bullshit coming back out and being thrown in the faces of everyone who practices #CurtSchillingPersecution.


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