You’ve just got to love clueless conservatives. February is the start of Black History Month, which of course is the perfect time for conservative viewers to be told how silly and dumb black people are for voting for Democrats, right? Well, even if you don’t agree with that, too bad. Because on “Fox & Friends” yesterday, guest Crystal Wright actually compared African-Americans who vote for Democrats to slaves, and if that wasn’t insulting enough, she made sure to call them “dummies” to boot.

I think it’s so sad when it comes to the black vote. Blacks have shown a slavish support for the Democrat party for over 50 years. And part of me wonders if the Republican party should even bother asking for the black vote because black Americans seem to like being political dummies. (source)

That’s right, black Americans, you’re “dummies” and slaves for voting for a party that isn’t actually trying to keep you off the voter rolls. You’re slaves to the party who doesn’t and hasn’t used dog whistle or overt racism in its campaign materials for decades! How dare you throw in with the one party that’s at least trying to help you climb out of the systemic poverty exacerbated by the systemic racism in this country, you silly blacks! Don’t you know you’re supposed to be doing as these nice, fine, clean, white folks are telling you? Which of course is a variation of, “Stop complaining, that’s our job.”

What’s hilarious to me is that someone like Wright will go on conservative media and call fellow African Americans slaves, when she’s the one selling out to people who by and large support policies that drastically hurt the poor, meaning they ravage minorities the most. But perhaps the most telling and hilarious bit of self-unawareness came when she said this, below.

It’s a sad state of affairs for blacks when all they have to do is pander and insult to black Americans decade in and decade out.

Let that sink in a minute or two. Someone is accusing Democrats of pandering to a certain race. Now, far be it for me to point out glaring hypocrisy but…have they looked at the rhetoric coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth? Have they seen the spate of white nationalism that he was emboldened within their own party? For God’s sake, the entire Fox News machine is a Pander Tron 5000 super pandering computer that just spits out fake-outrage stories about knock out games, and Obama’s FEMA camps and every other crazy, delusional right-wing conspiracy theory.

Maybe Ms. Wright should take a look at the rhetoric of her own party before she accuses someone else of doing the same thing. Oh wait, conservatives aren’t hypocrites. They just don’t believe in intellectual honesty, because you don’t need it when your political ideology depends on economic and social mythology, do you?

Watch Ms. Wright on “Fox & Friends,” below, courtesy of Media Matters.


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