“Today we must make a pact with each other to end this reckless conduct with the people’s government.” –Chris Christie

The argument that government never does anything good, or right, is the crux of the conservative argument against just about every proposal that expands the “boundaries” of government — even by the most microscopic amounts. It’s safe to say that really, truly, deep-down, conservatives hate the government.

Unless they’re abusing it for personal or political gains, that is.

By no means does a scandal like “Bridgegate” cover anywhere near the scope of abuse that Nixon’s Watergate scandal had. By no stretch of the imagination could you put the shutting down of a bridge over political stupidities in the same realm as the Iran-Contra hearing, and by no means is the Iraq War going to be dwarfed by Christie’s other scandal involving using relief funds to film what ultimately was a campaign video featuring his family disguised as a “come to New Jersey and help us rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.” But you can bet your sweet bippy that both Christie’s big scandals expose the sheer hypocrisy of the right wing in this country when it comes to their views of government in general.

When the sun sets on the Trump administration, is anyone going to be surprised to find out just how much he and his family bled the taxpayers dry? If you are surprised to find that information out, please don’t go Googling things like, “Is Santa Claus real?” Republican voters are still crowing about beating the libtards last year, and meanwhile Trump is using and abusing his authorities in ways that had Obama done them, the GOP would be drawing up impeachment papers already.

Time and time again you can pull quote after quote of prominent right wing politicians trashing the very idea of government.

“We must never forget what government is not. Government is not a philanthropic organization. Government is not the family. And government certainly is not the church.” You know who said that? Michele Bachmann. Sure, Michele, the government is not the church. Then again, the church wasn’t the one who put you in a position to run for president and allegedly violate all kinds of election laws which we all know is the reason you’re running yourself out of town on a rail at the end of this year.

They trash talk government, only to turn around and be caught in one scandal or another involving the abject abuse of their powers. Look at former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s escapades. Gifts, cash, exclusive gubernatorial meetings. The scandal was so gnarly he had to mention and apologize for it on his way out the door. You know if a politician takes the time to acknowledge a scandal as he’s leaving office he’s deathly afraid of that scandal following him, and I promise you it will. “Fiscal responsibility and government reform are going to be good themes for governing, well at any time, but particularly coming out of a recovery,” was how McDonnell was quoted as he came into office. Apparently he meant that the state of Virginia and its citizens would be fiscally responsible for lavishing gifts on him and his family.

Over and over and over again we see examples of the right’s rampant abuse of power. This isn’t to say Democrats can’t and don’t do the same. Of course they do. The difference is that it isn’t the left wing politicians trying to convince their constituents that all government is bad by actually making all government bad. In other words, it’s not hypocrisy when the Democrats get caught dicking around, it’s just straight-up scandal. The hypocrisy layer is all the right’s to envelop themselves in.

Of course the truly frustrating aspect of all of this is how very little it means to right wing voters. They’re by and large so programmed to only see red and blue as black and white, and therefore if the R is at the end of a candidate’s name, that’s all they need to see. They don’t care apparently about being lied to. They don’t care about voting for known hypocrites, as long as those dirty commie socialist Democrats don’t win. It seems to me like there’s a middle ground — you know, vetting and voting into office strong candidates who hold their views, but that aren’t angling for a lobbyist job later, or that aren’t outright thieves of their trust, as well as their pocketbooks. But we don’t live in a time of middle ground; we live in a time of scorched earth.

To reiterate — in no way should the words here be meant to disconnect any liberal or Democrat from the culpability for their own actions. However, it’s impossible to deny the bitter and sad irony of someone who professes to despise government’s overstepping, manipulative, abusive, and wasteful ways…only to become an overstepping, manipulative, abusive, wasteful asshole. Maybe one day they’ll wake up in Republicanland and they’ll take their party back.

Or not, and they’ll wind up like the Whigs did in this country. I can’t say I mind that outcome one bit at this point.


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