There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Dr. Martin Luther King, despite being hated by a lot of white Americans when he was assassinated, has rightly become one of the of most important and beloved figures in American history. Literally the night before he died he told an audience he might be killed at a young age, but that he didn’t care because he believed he was doing his God’s work — endeavoring to make this heap of shit country actually make good on its promise to treat everyone equally. In the 50 years since his death, the man has become revered for the tireless efforts he made toward his dream…and rightfully so.

When we pause today to reflect on the 50 years since he was murdered, it would make sense for people on both sides of the aisle to heap praise on Dr. King. But there are some people in this country who should keep Dr. King out of their thoughts and mouths. I’m referring to people who decided that when Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee during the national anthem before NFL games was unacceptable and unpatriotic. I’m referring to people who “boycotted” the NFL after being fed up with seeing brown skinned people take up Kaep’s peaceful protest as their own when he was dumped from the league in what is almost certain collusion between scared owners that didn’t have the balls to stand up to their idiotic fans.

In other words, people like the following people, and I use the term “people” very loosely, because I can’t see a single one who acts like a human being most days of the week.

President Dotard Trump:

Huh. So you honor this man, who fought against racist assholes his whole life, do you? Were you honoring him when you refused to rent to black people? Were you honoring him when you fucking called actual KKK members and Nazis good people? You honestly think a man who fought for racial equality would be down with you blocking entire countries from immigrating here based largely on their skin color, which clearly irks a good portion of your dumbfuck base, Dotard?

Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit, you tangerine twat waffle. I cannot imagine how much Dr. King would eviscerate your racist ass if he were still alive today, you tiny handed, daughter fucking son of a bitch.

High Priest Vice President Michael “I Swear I Don’t Think About Butt Stuff More Than People Doing Butt Stuff” Pence:

Oh really Vice President High Priest Pence? Is that why players protesting peacefully by kneeling during the national anthem triggered you so hard you had to bail from a game? What in the holy living fuck do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would be doing if he were alive today? Standing next to you, telling black people begging not to be murdered to “back the blue,” or something? Only an idiot Christofascist fuckwit would think like you do, you AIDS unleashing simpleton.

“Open” Mike Huckabee:

Oh Open Mic Mike…I’m not sure that Dr. King would appreciate  being mentioned by a dude who’s a fake Christian pharisee with a dog murdering son and a daughter who works for the most openly racist and nativist president in our country’s history. But you do you, you fuck. Also — right-wingers in this country haven’t preached non-violence to solve their electoral woes in quite some time. The opposite in fact. Just ask the NRA.

Ben Stupid As Fuck How The Hell Did He Get His Job Carson:

Bro. I’m not even going to cap on you, even though you are the most Uncle Tom motherfucker on the block. Trump called you names on the trail, and you still signed up to suck his dick so he could claim to not be racist…while being a total fucking racist. Instead, I’m just gonna let someone else’s tweet do the talking for me in this case. Read this, and shut the fuck up.

Lindsey Graham:

Gee, I googled “Lindsey Graham supports NFL players’ right to protest” but didn’t find anything, Linds. Why is that? Maybe STFU then. Nice words don’t mean anything when you make your entire political career about blocking things MLK would have wanted to see, Senator.

You know what? I’m done with these fucks. I’m going to just let one of their own, a woman I have grown to respect quite a bit in the Trump hostage crisis, Ana Nevarro, have the last — quiet salient — word on this bullshit.


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