This entire country has gone batshit crazy. Social Conservatives have appropriated the GOP and are running it into the ground. The two worst states are Mississippi and North Carolina. We have a reprieve here in the ‘Sippi, thanks to Judge Reeves, but North Carolina is still battling HB2. They have lost millions of dollars in business, the governor is on track to lose his reelection bid to the sitting Attorney General Roy Cooper (D), and the state is considered in play for Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election.
But this isn’t about HB2, because that isn’t the only royally stupid waste of taxpayer money happening there. No siree, once they finished gerrymandering the hell outta the state, they passed some of the worst voter ID laws in the country.

“The new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision” and “impose cures for problems that did not exist,” Judge Diana Gribbon Motz wrote for the panel. “Thus the asserted justifications cannot and do not conceal the State’s true motivation.” source

This case was so blatant, it was painful to read about. The legislators asked for data on the voting behaviors of whites versus minorities in the states. They then systematically went through that data and crafted a bill to make it as difficult as possible for minorities to vote.

  • It only allowed the types of ID that white voters were more likely to have.
  • After discovering African-Americans were most likely to vote during the first seven days of the 17 day early voting period, it eliminated those seven days completely.
  • Counties that held Sunday voting were mostly African-American, so Sunday voting was discontinued.

It is worth noting that for all this trouble:

One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject found only 31 individual cases of voter impersonation out of more than 1 billion votes cast in the United States since the year 2000. Researchers have found that reports of voter fraud are roughly as common as reports of alien abduction. source

Within hours following the Fourth Circuit’s ruling, N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger and N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore issued this statement:

“Since today’s decision by three partisan Democrats ignores legal precedent, ignores the fact that other federal courts have used North Carolina’s law as a model, and ignores the fact that a majority of other states have similar protections in place, we can only wonder if the intent is to reopen the door for voter fraud, potentially allowing fellow Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper to steal the election. We will obviously be appealing this politically motivated decision to the Supreme Court.” source

They conveniently ignored that four other states lost voter ID similar cases within days, and the Supreme Court, where Pat plans to appeal, is currently down a justice thanks to his buddies in Congress.

This was soon followed by a very mature response from the Governor of North Carolina. I assume he has given up praying and turning the other cheek in favor of having a complete nervous breakdown for the entire world to see. Since it has not been deleted 48 hours later, I guess this is his early concession of the November race. Pop some popcorn, because Pat’s been channeling his inner Trump. (Pro-tip: Bullying folks does not generally win them over, dude!)

Bless your heart, Pat. I hope you enjoyed that one term you had. And good luck to your successor, Roy Cooper. He’ll need it to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


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