David Duke, former Grand Dragon/Big Wizard/Huge Phallus of the Ku Klux Klan, told listeners of his radio show they must volunteer and vote for Donald Trump. It’s important to note Duke fell short of endorsing Trump’s candidacy, but he did state that not voting for Trump is “treason:”

Voting for these people, voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. I’m not saying I endorse everything about Trump, in fact I haven’t formally endorsed him. But I do support his candidacy, and I support voting for him as a strategic action. I hope he does everything we hope he will do. 

These people, FYI, are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Duke continued:

And I am telling you that it is your job now to get active. Get off your duff. Get off your rear end that’s getting fatter and fatter for many of you everyday on your chairs. When this show’s over, go out, call the Republican Party, but call Donald Trump’s headquarters, volunteer. They’re screaming for volunteers. Go in there, you’re gonna meet people who are going to have the same kind of mindset that you have.

Buzzfeed News has the Sound Cloud recording of the radio program, and you can listen to it here.

Prior to writing this article, I sat in my home office and desperately tried to write something satirical about a nationally-recognized white supremacist telling all his white supremacist friends and fans to support Donald Trump. I stared at the wall, I twirled a pen, I shut my eyes, all in a vain attempt to make this somehow funny. I failed. This is freaking David Duke. Duke is a Holocaust revisionist, speaking in Iran in 2006 during former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s conference questioning the Holocaust.

In the mid 1980’s, David Duke attempted to reinvent himself. A little plastic surgery, a little tweaking of his early racism (“White people don’t need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically primitive animals.” The Sun newspaper, Wichita, KS, April, 1975), and voila, a whole not-so-new man. From Southern Poverty Law Center:

The following year, Duke had a series of cosmetic surgeries, including a nose reduction, a chin enlargement, and a “chemical peel.” He would soon dye his hair and shave his mustache. A well-covered appearance by Duke at an anti-integration rally in Forsyth County, Ga., helped put the “new” David Duke on the map that same year. 

Anti-integration rally. Ever been to Forsyth County, Georgia? That little town was pretty famous at one time, just for its racism. And that’s where, in 1987, David Duke chose to introduce his new self.

David Duke is a white supremacist. A new nose and hair color cannot change his heart, and in his heart, Duke is a racist and an anti-Semite. And he likes the idea of a Trump presidency.

I highly encourage people to read through David Duke’s file at Southern Poverty Law Center. While you do that, I’ll be curled into a fetal position under my desk, weeping.




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