From supporters to top officials, and even the Great Orange Cheeto Satan Hitler himself, we have heard more and more about a Muslim registry this week.

A supporter and former spokesman for the Great America PAC went on Fox News and made the argument that not only a registry, but also even internment camps, would be legal and even pass “constitutional muster.”

 I know the the [American Civil Liberties Union] is going to challenge it, but I think it will pass,” Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL, said in an interview on Fox News with Megyn Kelly.
“And we’ve done it with Iran back — back a while ago, we did it during World War II with Japanese, which, call it what you will, it may be wrong—” he said as Kelly jumped in. (Source) “We’ve done it based on race, we’ve done it based on religion, we’ve done it based on region. We’ve done it with Iran back — back a while ago. We did it during World War II with Japanese.”

He excused his support of the atrocious policy by citing the need to put “America First.” Also, he was referencing Kris Kobach’s suggestion, a transition team member who has advocated for an immigrant registry based on countries that have active terrorist groups.

During the primaries, both Trump and Carson made incendiary statements about Muslims and registries. Cheeto Satan said he would absolutely implement it, and when pressed, said they had to be forced to register.

When asked how a system of registering Muslims would be carried out — whether, for instance, mosques would be where people could register — Mr. Trump said: “Different places. You sign up at different places. But it’s all about management. Our country has no management.’’ (Source)

Since the election, hate crimes have been on the rise, especially against the Muslim community. This is unfortunately not the first time Muslims have faced such discrimination and harsh treatment at home.

In addition to the spate of bullying that has been reported across the US, there is a sense of foreboding around whether the Trump administration will target Muslim communities with surveillance. Since 9/11, Muslim Americans have had to deal with wave after wave of state interference, starting with mass arrests in the wake of the New York and Washington terror attacks; the special registration scheme for non-citizens, NSEERS; FBI entrapment cases; and the NYPD’s surveillance of mosques and communities in New York and New Jersey. After that litany, there is now a looming apprehension about what the next iteration will be. (Source)

So what can we do? It is easy to get stuck in a sense of overwhelmed helplessness, but there is actually action we can take. In addition to reaching out with a smile, looking out for harassment, and wearing a safety pin to signal solidarity, Bustle offers two more actions we can take.

First, try to prevent it from happening by calling, emailing, and faxing your representatives to let them know how much you disapprove of any legislation of this sort.

Secondly, there is a preemptive protest called Register Us, a website where you can sign up to pledge that you will register yourself as a Muslim should this type of system ever be passed into law.

Yes this kind of talk from Cheeto Satan is scary. Let’s concentrate on the actions we can take, the changes we can affect. Make sure you have all your representatives’ contact information close by…you’re going to need it a lot in the coming months.



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