You can count me among the millions of people that are hoping, wishing, and dreaming of ways that Donald Trump gets his stupid ass impeached and thrown out of office. The man is like a drunk monkey on speed, and his Twitter account has to be considered a national security threat, at least when it’s 3AM and he’s blasting out tweets against Mexico or China or some other country we’ve spent decades trying to be friendly with. But I have to say, if we’re stuck with the shit burger in chief for the next four years, I’ll definitely enjoy watching him get trolled mercilessly on Twitter.

So we all know by now that Trump’s ego simply will not let him stop harping on the popular vote. It irks him to no end how unpopular he is. While a lot of presidents wouldn’t have given a shit about their personal popularity having just become the most powerful man, you can see how a lifetime of getting exactly what he wants whenever he wants has made the Veruca Salt of presidents unable to handle the notion that he’s not that popular.

Trump clearly never had either of his parents tell him that they were the only ones who would ever love him the way he thinks everyone else on the planet should love him. And clearly, no one ever told the bewigged bastard that you get what you give. In the end, the hate he takes will be equal to the hate he’s made and fostered among some of his dopiest, most virulently racist supporters.

But back to the Twitter trolling.

A couple of days ago, Sensitive Sally tweeted out a congratulatory tweet to his propaganda wing — Fox News — for their inaugural day ratings. He called them “number one” in the ratings, and made sure to take a swipe at his favorite media chew toy, CNN. But well, as you can see below, CNN was ready, and they smacked Genghis Con down pretty effectively.

To wit –

At this point, I really hope people are not shocked anymore when Trump lies or makes shit up out of thin air. Trump of course would make an excuse for himself and say that CNN’s additional digital platforms are fake news, or that he’s seen different numbers…and his sycophants will swallow it. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call him out. I’m really glad that CNN decided to tweet him back.

The simple truth is that three million more people voted for Hillary than Trump. Ten million more people voted for anyone other than Trump, when you add all the numbers up. No matter what Trumpers say to the contrary, they are heavily outnumbered. Sure, there were dozens of millions of Americans who didn’t vote, but if you are generous and say that half would have been for Trump, he still doesn’t catch up to his opponents. The people who need to be constantly reminded what a liar he is are his opponents and people who voted for him but are starting to see the light.

Already, I’ve seen plenty of comments from disenchanted Trump voters who really didn’t think he’d take away their Obamacare. And who didn’t think he’d freeze pay on federal employees and now they’re shit out of luck (then again, if you’re a federal employee and you ever vote for a Republican you’re taking your life into the voting booth with you anyway). So these are the people we have to keep hammering Trump for.

Maybe if enough people get themselves a Twitter account and follow what he tweets, they can have the wool removed from their eyes. It’s not like every Trump voter is a mean, racist, angry, bitter, old white person who just hates that they aren’t the dominant ones in society anymore. Many people really didn’t want Hillary and thought Trump was the good option. They were of course insanely wrong, but if people can vote for Obama and Trump in their lifetimes, they can be shown the truth about Don the Con and maybe, just maybe in two years the mid-terms won’t be another shit show for the left, or for people who know what a toxic, corrupted piece of shit Trump is.

For now, let’s just hope CNN and other media outlets don’t let up the pressure. Let’s hope they stay willing to fact-check the Liar in Chief in real time every time. Because each time he’s sub-tweeted and fact checked, that’s one more chance for hundreds or even thousands of people to know the truth. What they do with it is another story, but it’s a start. And you have to start the resistance somewhere.

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