A Democrat in the Mississippi House of Representatives, Tom Miles, has introduced yet another absolutely worthless piece of sanctimonious legislation that will do nothing to help Mississippi dig its way out of being fiftieth in education. Yes, you read that correctly; Mississippi is so conservative, this bill is being introduced by a democrat!

Miles just announced the “Merry Christmas” Law, which he says will allow the state to protect children, parents, teachers, and school administrators from any punishment for acknowledging Christmas on school grounds.

This law is very similar to one passed in Texas in 2013.

The Texas law also allows schools to educate students on the history of traditional winter celebrations and display scenes or symbols associated with traditional winter celebrations, including a Christmas tree or nativity scene. (MSToday)

The Texas law allows teachers to display Christmas decorations in their classrooms as long as there is one other religious or non-religious symbol close by. For example, a tree can be put out, but there must be a menorah or a reindeer next to it. The law also allows teachers to have lessons on all the traditional winter celebrations, wish others happy holidays, Happy Hanukah, or Merry Christmas.

Although Miles is not aware of any incidents that would cause a need for a law such as this, in true Mississippi fashion, well…it’s a squirrel!

The state has major financial problems from constant cuts to corporate taxes, has not fully funded the public schools in years, is spending an obscene amount of money to defend an anti-LGBTQ, anti-single mom bill, suffers from massive “brain drain,” but let’s pass another religious bill that spits in the face of that whole “Separation of Church and State” thing!

“It’s not choosing one over the other,” Miles told Mississippi Today on Tuesday. “It gives school districts the opportunity where if they can, that they can have a Christmas program and other things as well.”

He says the bill was encouraged by his constituents and school administrators. However, Christian sermons and prayers in school assemblies have been successfully challenged in court.

“Whether it’s Christmas or Hanukkah, our children, teachers, parents and school administrators should have the freedom to acknowledge these traditions in our public schools without fear of censorship, punishment, persecution or litigation,” Miles says in his Facebook post. “The Merry Christmas Bill guarantees that freedom.”

Miles’ goal is to have the law in place by the next holiday season, so he plans to have the bill considered during the 2017 session.

There is currently a lawsuit in Texas that provides an example of what this law is intended to do.

KILLEEN, Texas – The Texas attorney general is criticizing a school district’s decision to remove a portion of a poster that included a biblical verse recited by Linus in the film “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” based off the Peanuts comics.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a statement that the so-called Merry Christmas law adopted in 2013 means schools can’t “silence a biblical reference to Christmas.”

But CBS Waco affiliate KWTX-TV reports that Killeen administrators argue school employees are not permitted to impose their personal beliefs on students. (CBS)

I am so thrilled these social conservatives have nothing better to do than fight a faux war on Christmas. They talk so much about wasteful spending, then pass bills like these.

Bless their unconstitutional hearts.


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