Unfortunately there is nothing we can do, in my honest opinion, to change the minds of most hardcore Evangelical NASCAR Christian voters. They are much much more comfortable believing lies about a black man, President Obama, and a woman, Secretary Clinton, than to vote for either of them. (And to vote for Clinton would be a double whammy, because it would also serve to validate President Obama’s tenure in office.)

It is easier for them to believe Obama is a closet Kenyan Muslim gay man and Clinton is a crook who was only not indicted because of special favors granted her than to admit the real reasons are race and sex, because somewhere, deep down, they know this is wrong; they know it just enough to be slightly uncomfortable with admitting it to the world.

Their reasons are noble; just in their minds. It helps them sleep. NASCAR Christians don’t need much. D’nesh D’Sousa, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity and others like them feed into the narrative and keep them cocooned safely in their whitewashed worlds.

You can’t sway with them with facts, because they don’t want facts. The want, crave, desperately need a white man, and now in the form of Donald J Trump have a white man, and they will do anything to justify him.

For example, I came across a story and responded to a question on it on a thread regarding Trump’s display of ignorance on addiction. The article merely quoted his words during a campaign stop. The commenter asked   did other candidates have any more to offer? So I simply dropped hrc.com/addiction without offering any comment or opinion. I was attacked for hours by this random white woman. She was full of anger and resentment, and she found in me a place to unload it.

These folks were raised IN CHURCH that white men hold power. Black folks and woman will always come second to the white men. This is not questioned. To do so is to risk being ostracized from the group, from the church family as a whole, for harboring such radical ideas.

Because this attitude is ingrained from birth, it is not going to change. When Trump tells them he followed the law on taxes, that makes him smart, and they will defend him to the death. It does not matter if their arguments seem ridiculous to everyone else. They may be deflections: “But Hillary”, “But Obama”, “But Robert Byrd“… Or they may be absurd: “This company avoids taxes legally”….Nuance of a billion dollar loss, that people just like them were screwed, the Foundation scheme, etc., just does NOT matter. The White Man says it is OK. Therefore they trust that, because they have an inherent need, a primal urge, to believe in it.

It is my belief, then, the only way to combat this is to beat it at the polls in November, then worry after the election about how to try to reach the LEAST affected. The remainder will just have to die off.


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