Don’t Want to Lose Your Job For Being a Racist Shit Bag? Put Your...

Being a scared, ignorant, white racist clown moron has never been so tough. All these poor Nazis losing their jobs; whatever will we do?

The Only Reason to Limit Legal Immigration is White Supremacy

Restricting undocumented immigration is tricky, and one thing, but it's naked racism that makes someone want to cap legal immigration.

Sad! Wall Street Journal/NBC Poll Shows Obama and Planned Parenthood Are More Popular Than...

A new poll out from the Wall Street Journal and NBC solidifies the idea that popularity in presidential elections carries over to popularity of ideas.

Don’t Panic! Regimes That Respect Freedom and Democreacy Always Restrict Free Speech And The...

Is it really an attack on free speech and the press if Trump attacks free speech and the press, guys? C'mon!

Conservatives: Caring About Where Trans People Poop Should Embarrass Your Small Government Asses Into...

The amount of time that conservatives spend thinking about the trans community's bathroom habits is downright embarrassing.

The BLMKidnapping Hashtag Is A Stupid And Racist Overreaction

It wasn't a "BLMKidnapping." It was just a straight-up kidnapping and assault, but racist conservatives want you think differently.

Another Day, Another Series Of Whiny, Delusional Tweets From Our Next President

If it's a day that ends in "Y" or some other cliche joke about the frequency of time you want to make, then it's a good bet that President-Elect...

Rep. Blake Farenthold Doesn’t Understand the “Context” of Sexual Assault

Congressman Blake Farenthold appeared on All In With Chris Hayes Tuesday, to chat about why he still supports Donald Trump. Chris Hayes asked Rep. Farenthold about the 2005 comments...

A Sneak Peak At Trump’s “Ideological Certification” Test

During his highly-anticipated immigration speech, delivered from Phoenix, Donald Trump said he would like to have an "ideological certification" of prospective immigrants performed. Many have chastised this proposal as...