We are Fighting the Wrong War on Drugs

Now that we’ve cleared the air on this War on Drugs and admitted it was actually just a cover for getting at "hippies and blacks" (thank you President Nixon),...

The Blatant Hypocrisy That Is The 'National Day of Prayer'

Last week, the 65th annual National Day of Prayer was observed across the United States. Despite Jesus specifically denouncing public displays of religious fervor, many Christians made it a...

American Bellies Belie Abstinence-only Education

One could say our portliness portends our teen pregnancy rate.

Censorship vs. Free Speech – A Common Misconception

Censorship vs. Free Speech - A Common Misconception Be sure to follow Dan on Facebook at his main project, A Science Enthusiast and on Twitter at @aSciEnthusiast! It was all too...

5 Reasons to Avoid GMO Food

5 Reasons to Avoid GMO Food (Tomato Baby credit: Worth1000.com) From frankenfruit to corn that is sentient, everyone knows the dangers of GMO foods are real! Here are five reasons why you...

Hey Megyn Kelly, It’s Not Brave to be Conservative, You’re Thinking of Being an...

Megyn Kelly recently told Tim Allen he's "very brave" for being a conservative celebrity which is nonsense.

Heads Up/Calm Down: The Zika Virus

Some literal expert analysis of the Zika virus and its threat to us all.

Mississippi Derping: Republican State Rep Pushes Bill to Put Creationism in Science Classes

Mississippi Rep. Mark Formby must need a refresher course in the First Amendment.

Addiction: Not A Character Flaw

Why treating those dealing with addiction by stigmatizing them is much more harmful than good.

Why I Believe in Evolution

Evolution, as examined by someone raised in the church.