Obama cuts grant for abstinence only sex education from 2017 budget

Last week, President Obama released his 2017 budget proposal, which eliminates a $10 million grant for abstinence-based sex education and includes a legislative proposal that would nix $75 million...

Whiny Cheeto Satan Whines in Twitter Tantrum

Are you shocked? Most people with any sense of common decency will pick their battles, then perhaps grant an interview or press conference to address the pertinent issues they deem...

Donald Trump Supporters Are Littering Jessica Leeds’ Facebook Page With Hate

There is a public Facebook page for Jessica Leeds, one of the first women to go public with allegations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her. On the 13th, a post accredited to Ms....

The Pro-Gun Agenda Hits A Snag In The Deep South

The gun lobby in Tennessee hits a bump in the road.

Donald Trump Is Already Trying To Skip The Presidential Debates

Oh for fuck's sake. Now it's the libruhl's and especially Crooked Hillary's fault that the Presidential debates are scheduled at an inconvenient time for His Holy Cheeto-ness. She is...

Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Trump Campaign

There has been a great deal of concern that Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail would lead to voter intimidation at the polls. He has repeatedly cited debunked myths...

Take the Cake Bakery Refuses To Make A Birthday Cake For A Customer, Because...

In Toledo, Ohio, a cake baker at Take the Cake Bakery is being unfairly targeted and called a bigot just because she went to the Facebook page of her...

Surprise! Another Case Of Voter Fraud By A Trump Supporter

Donald Trump has continued to insist, despite evidence to the contrary, the election is rigged and rife with voter fraud. It is so bad, he says, that he has...

Trump Won’t Back Another Nominee – What A Surprise

Donald Trump waffles on his support for the GOP nominee, if it isn't him.

Mississippi’s Planned Parenthood Problem

Planned Parenthood is under constant attack in red states like Mississippi.