Wayne LaPierre Gets Choked Up About Guns Not Sold After Failed Background Checks

NRA Vice-President Wayne LaPierre emotes about gun sales.

Donald Trump Starts GoFundMe For His Campaign

Donald Trump is desperate for campaign cash.

"Pro-Life" Internet Activist Threatens Comedy Writer Because He Can't Understand Satire

MOM'S BASEMENT, TOAD SUCK, ARKANSAS -- Pro-life Internet activist Willy Evaleav was just shocked and all a flutter when the big social networking sites announced they would comply with the European...

Confused Trump Tries To Literally Get Into Bed With Michele Bachmann, Kicks Daughter Out...

Trump didn't know what Michele Bachmann getting into bed with him meant.

Trump Campaign Files For Chapter 11

The Trump campaign is in deep financial trouble.

Hillary Clinton Promises to Confiscate 'At Least Three Times As Many' Guns As Obama...

OAK HAVEN, OHIO -- In the battleground state of Ohio this weekend, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton told a crowd of her supporters that she would do...

Senate Bravely Votes To Continue Doing 'F— All' In The Face of Gun Violence...

Members of the U.S. Senate showed bold leadership by doing nothing about a growing problem.

God Issues New Commandment: 'Thou Shalt Not Be Shitty to LGBT People In My...

God's got a new commandment for his peeps, ALL of them.

The Bachmann Diaries: Donald Trump Chose ME As A Member Of His Cabinet!

Dear Diary, Donald Trump has formed a Christian Cabinet, and he chose me to be part of it! I am so honored, especially since I will be serving on this...