Kellyanne Conway: “That Secret Kenyan Communist Darkie Is Behind Everyone Disrespecting The President!”

Kellyanne Conway thinks people are showing disrespect to her boss, and she's pretty sure the guy her boss disrespected for eight years is to blame.

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Top 4 Stories on President Trump’s New “Real” News Show

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Muslim Soldier Says He’ll Keep Defending America Despite Steve King’s Bigotry

Congressman Steve King is a bigot and white supremacist, but that won't stop one Mexican American Muslim from defending his right to be a bigot.

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Trump Hopes Putting Don Jr. On “Timeout” Will Resolve Russian Collusion Scandal

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Dear Twitter: You Suspend Three of My Accounts, But Trump Can Keep His? Eat...

Twitter has stepped up enforcement of their Terms of Service when it comes to what they call abusive behavior.The problem is, whose standard of abuse?