Sarah Huckabee Sanders To Be Replaced With Dead Cat So Talking Points Can Be...

When Sean Spicer is unavailable, Trump has used Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But now, word is he'll tap someone completely different...and dead.

Man Who Helped His Dad Steal From Kids With Cancer Lectures Dems on Morality

Eric Trump and his dad helped funnel cash donated to help kids with cancer to themselves, but Eric's lecturing Democrats about morality.

There Ain’t Enough Covfefe In The World To Make This Trump Nightmare Funny

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Stop Insulting Kids (By Comparing Them To Trump)

A sign of just how weird things are these days is that we're pretty much used to hearing Donald Trump's behavior called childish. His aides have to make sure...

What’s Barron Trump “The Expert” At? We Took Five Guesses.

Young Master Lord Barron Trump might be an expert as his tee-shirt proclaims.We just weren't sure what his subject of expertise was.

10 Things to Know About The Donald Trump Subscription Box

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Condemn Kathy Griffin If You Want, But Fuck Donald Trump Because He Deserves No...

You can think Kathy Griffin's "joke" Trump beheading was over the top and wrong, but you don't have to defend Trump while doing so.

5 Terrific Travel Tips Trump Taught America on His First International Presidential Trip

Check out this bigly yooge and bigly important travel tips, curated by the smartest, most well traveled, educated president ever, Donny Trump.

A Statement from Barack Obama’s Real Birth Certificate About Trump’s Complaints of Witch Hunts

Barack Obama's long form birth certificate a tweet from President Donald Trump that warranted an official response. Here it is.

Dear President Trump: Just. Fucking. Resign.

It's time. The time has come. Seriously, guys, really, it's that time. President Trump needs to not be a thing anymore. Time to quit, Donny.