3 Reasons Conservatives Care Where LGBTQ Kids Piss and Shit

The LGBT community is now under attack where they relieve themselves.

Trump Says He’s Not Changing His Tone, Insists That’s His Natural Color

Following criticism from both Democrats and Republicans about his harsh tone, Donald Trump says he will not alter his tone, maintaining that what people see is the natural color of his skin.

A Helpful Guide For Bigoted Target Boycotters

Boycotting target? This guide will help you along the way!

"Pro-Life" Internet Activist Threatens Comedy Writer Because He Can't Understand Satire

MOM'S BASEMENT, TOAD SUCK, ARKANSAS -- Pro-life Internet activist Willy Evaleav was just shocked and all a flutter when the big social networking sites announced they would comply with the European...

Hillary Clinton Supporter Injured After Falling From Anti-Sanders High Horse

A brashly condescending supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign suffered moderate injuries after falling from her anti-Bernie Sanders high horse.

Ted Cruz To Propose Changing The Spelling of ‘Science’ to ‘J-E-S-U-S’

Ted Cruz wants to give the glory to God in an unusual way.

Happy Fathers Day from the NRA!

The NRA wishes everyone a Happy Fathers Day.

I Watched the GOP Debate and Then I Punched Myself in the Crotch —...

A choice between a punch to the groin or watching the GOP debate, which would you take?

North Carolina Cisgender Woman ‘Tired of Shitting in Public With an Audience’

A woman in North Carolina laments unintended consequences of HB2.

Republican Man Buys Gun So He Can Worry About Obama Coming For It

One man bought a gun just so he could worry about Obama grabbing it.