Area Minister Responds to Prayer Requests for the Sick With “All Lives Matter”

A Baton Rouge pastor is ruffling some feathers among her flock by responding to their petitions for prayer for ill friends and relatives with a slogan frequently used to counter the civil rights refrain...

President Obama Says He Fears 'Becoming A Lame Duck Gun Grabber'

The extra scrutiny from the right, Obama admitted, kept him from "fulfilling Lord Soros' commandments."

Paul Ryan Offers To Pay For More Benghazi Hearings By Cutting Social Security

"Will some seniors die if they don't have access to medicine and food? Sure. But I can't help but shrug a little bit."

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wasted $7 Million In Taxpayer Money 'Not Being Guilty Of...

Gowdy characterized Hillary Clinton as "stubbornly not criminal or treacherous."

REPORT: New Republican Platform Built With Old, Outdated, Rotted Wood

"Maybe they can just use it like a hangman's platform and they can put their party out of its misery."

With Sanders' Endorsement, Hillary Clinton Unveils New 'Meh.' Slogan

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- The Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign announced plans for bumper stickers and t-shirts emblazoned with their candidate's new slogan, "Meh." The slogan change comes on...

Gretchen Carlson Accuses Roger Ailes Of Chaining Her To His Dais In A Gold...

"The bounty hunter Boba Doocy would always make snide remarks under his helmet to me."

New Study Shows 92% of Trump Supporters Have Larger Shoe Size Than IQ

"If they said they were voting for Trump and we measured their shoe size, it always came back higher than their IQ."

Black Guy: Whites Should Teach Kids Not To Be 'Authoritarian, Racist Shitbags' Like Rudy...

"Black people shouldn't have to teach their kids to behave any differently toward cops than white people do."

My Daughter Edited a Trump Fundraising Letter, And It's Great

We found this Trump fundraising letter in the trash can at a relative's house. The fifth grader pays more attention than we realized, and we did have to discuss...