Michelle Obama’s Arms Might Disagree About How Irrelevant Melania’s Shoe Choice Was

Melania Trump wore stiletto heels when visiting the people of Houston after Hurricane Harvey. It doesn't matter except for pointing out hypocrisy purposes.

Mike Pence And The Biblical Convenience Of Being An Assclown

If you twist the Bible into enough knots, you may be able to persuade some people to believe anything you want them to. You can certainly convince the gullible...

Why It’s Silly and Insulting to Compare LaVoy Finicum to Mike Brown

When you compare LaVoy Finicum to Mike Brown, you should remember who was armed and who wasn't.

There are actually people who want us to live as if it were 1788....

Constitutional Originialists are hilariously naive.

Mike Pence: He’s Still A Complete Horror Show

Just in case The Donald's antics have distracted you from other news stories, and how could they not, this is your friendly reminder that his buddy Mike Pence is...

If You Didn’t Want To Go To The Women’s March, Why Are You Complaining...

When Tammy Lahren goes on a rant, she really lets you have it. Of course, it's usually utter bullshit, but hey, why should that stop her?

Hypocrisy and Wish Fulfillment: Republicans’ Irrational Support of Melania Trump

Melania Trump is everything the average Republican should despise in a First Lady, yet they rabidly support her anyway. Criticize Melania for something Republicans have long criticized Democratic First...

Yes, I Will Satirize and Politicize the Las Vegas Shooting. No, It’s Not “Too...

The Last Vegas shooting brings to fore the truth that about politicizing tragedy. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

Let’s Point And Laugh At The Trumpolytes Because The Clintons Are Going To Attend...

The Clintons are attending the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. This should make his supporters wail with agony, but will it?