Hypocrisy and politics are not strange bedfellows in the slightest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Obama, Clinton, Sanders, or any Republican. The truth is that it’s sort of human nature to tell people to do as you say, not as you do. If you’ve ever been a parent, I can almost promise you that you have told your child to not do something you did, and probably did a lot. So hypocrisy in and of itself isn’t necessarily anything shocking, no matter how ugly it is. We shouldn’t be surprised when politicians are hypocrites, and not all hypocrisy is made equally. A former smoker telling a non-smoker not to start smoking, for instance, is less a problem of hypocrisy than say…decrying Planned Parenthood for selling tissues and cells of aborted fetuses while you yourself financially benefited from the sale of aborted stem cells.

Like Carly Fiorina just got outed for doing.

In a story running on Al-Jazeera America, we learn that the former HP CEO and current Republican presidential contender made $83,000 serving on the board of Merck & Co. Maybe this doesn’t set off any immediate alarm bells, but at the time that Fiorina was on the board there, Merck was selling a vaccine derived at least in part from what? You guessed it. Aborted fetal tissue. Remember when Mitt Romney got busted by the press in 2012 for haranguing liberals about supporting abortion, only to find out one of the many companies he hoovered up as a venture capitalist dealt specifically in aborted fetal tissue? Yeah. I remember that too.

Here’s a particularly interesting bit of evidence of Carly’s hypocrisy, from the Al-Jazeera piece:

Fiorina has been openly supportive of vaccines derived from fetal stem cells at least since her California Senate run in 2010. According to the Los Angeles Times, Fiorina clarified that, “It is when embryos are produced for the purposes of destruction, for the purposes of stem cell research that I have a great deal of difficulty.”

Maybe the outrage of conservatives isn’t over fetal tissue, or selling it, but just that a non-profit company like Planned Parenthood, that is closely tied to progressive causes, was handling the funds, and not a conservative business person like Romney or Carly? To add insult to injury, Planned Parenthood wasn’t selling aborted tissue and cells, they were getting financially compensated to cover their costs of delivery of those tissues and cells, and they’ve been cleared of wrongdoing everywhere they’ve been investigated. In fact, in Texas this week, the people behind the bullshit videos that started this whole mess and put Ms. Fiorina on the map were indicted as a result of the grand jury that Texas Governor Gregg Abbott convened to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Talk about a massive, embarrassing backfire.

What galls me most about Fiorina’s hypocrisy isn’t just that she’s telling people how evil Planned Parenthood is while she directly profited from abortion, but that she’s a woman while doing it. I know, how sexist of me to dictate to a woman what her political beliefs should be, and I’m not suggesting she’s less authentically female, or should be prohibited from expressing her opinions. I just think her opinions are utterly and completely useless because as a woman she’s fighting to take away other women’s right to sexual autonomy while simultaneously making money on the very services she’s defaming Planned Parenthood for providing, which don’t even rise to the level of 5% of their yearly operations.

It’s time for Carly to go. She can slink back to her previous role — crashing major corporations into the substructure of the global economy and appearing on Sunday talk shows. Her cynical rhetoric about Planned Parenthood already helped inspire a murder spree. Now that we know her hot air on the subject is tinged with the foul stench of hypocrisy, it’s time for her to quit the race. She’s polling at a level that suggests even her supporters don’t know if she’s running anymore anyway.

Here’s hoping there’s one less hypocritical fool in the GOP candidate field very soon, leaving only about a dozen more left to drop out.





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