Here’s the bullshit thing about Hillary’s 3 million more votes than Sanders — they are meaningless in the General Election. Basically, what you crow about as a Hillary fan when you thump your chest over raw vote counts is simply that the Democratic Party’s decades-old strategy of freezing the will of the people out via closed primaries worked, and that’s it. I’m not saying every single independent voter would have voted for Sanders, but clearly in states where they lean further left and they aren’t so restrictive in their primary rules, he either beat her or was close enough to where you could say it’s almost a clean, even split.
I’m not going to tell you those 3 million votes don’t count; of course they do. And they will likely help carry your candidate to the nomination. But be fucking real about them, please. Basically, you’re stoked that the DNC built a massive wall around the primaries, specifically designed those walls to limit who can vote, and you think that’s somehow different than Republicans passing voter ID laws in red states?
They don’t call it “voter suppression” for nothing.
FYI — I’m also not stupid, naive, or unrealistic. I know that Sanders’ window is all but closed now, but I am merely an observer. And from my vantage point, the people with the pom-poms and rah-rah cheers for the Democratic Party have done their group a huge disservice. They pretend as if there aren’t some major technicalities in helping Hillary amass that 3 million vote lead, and they act as if Sanders hasn’t won a hell of an impressive amount of primaries and votes himself.

Hillary supporters act as if they didn’t need and won’t need Sanders’ supporters help in the fall. I mean, tantrums are stupid, but can we really be shocked that after months of the DNC condescending and fear mongering Sanders voters into trying to push them “into line” behind Hillary that they’d erupt like they did? The now infamous voice vote clearly went “no” but it was ignored. When votes are ignored, do people not have a right to be just a tad indignant?
Thumping your chest over closed primary victories is a really great way to show independent voters — you know, the ones who actually help people become president? — that you truly, honestly have zero fucks to give for their input. In fact, why the hell are you so proud of those closed primary wins in the first place? Is politics really just a matter of team sports to you? Interesting, because to me politics is about trying to push for what you believe as best you can. Oh well, principles are hard for some folks I guess.
It’s also a bit weird to be so-totes proud of winning when you’re only competing to get the votes of as small a number of people as possible. I mean, really, isn’t that like Republicans crowing about their election wins in states that they heavily suppress minority, youth, and elderly votes? It doesn’t feel much different to me, anyway.
“Yay, we won after we did everything we could to keep people from participating!”
The bottom line? Yes, Hillary has won a pretty sizable portion of the popular vote. But in states where the vote was heavily controlled. Say what you will about Sanders’ wins, but they come in states where more people are allowed to have a say. Man, I wish there was a word for that, for when people get a say…oh, there is.
Funny how a party named after the term is so proud of themselves for being so far fucking removed from it.


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