There are a lot of spooked people all over America right now. To be fair, that’s not much different than usual. This time though, liberals are watching the economic tumult brought on by the “Brexit” vote and they’re finally waking up to the idea that yes, Donald Trump could in fact win this election. If jingoism and xenophobia can rule the day in the UK — with condolences to all my intelligent friends across the pond — then of course it can rear its ugly head here.
And you know what? I’m still not voting for Hillary Clinton.
I’ve written it before, but since as soon as I say I’m not voting for Hillary I get sacked by her supporters and they howl and wail about it, but let me repeat myself — I’m not dumb. If I lived in a state that had a remote chance of going for Trump, I’d vote for Hillary. Hell, if I start to see Californians lose their damn minds and the polls start tipping his way here, I’ll vote for Hillary with tremendous amounts of bile in my mouth as I do so.
But the Brexit vote doesn’t mean fuck-all to me in terms of who I vote for here. It doesn’t change the fact that the presumptive nominee for the Democrats is someone who I feel is far too hawkish, far too embedded in the financier class’s assholes, and is a massive hypocrite when it comes to guns, does it? Of course it doesn’t. All along, my decision to not vote for Hillary has never been about her personally. I don’t spew Benghazi bullshit. I don’t claim she murdered Vince Foster. I’m not even saying that something terrible happened because she clearly broke the rules about secure, classified emails.
I just don’t want her to be our president. I know that’s realllllllly hard for some of my fellow liberals to understand. Not even everyone here at Modern Liberals agrees with me on this. That’s totally fine. But I happen to live in a state that affords me, yes, the privilege to vote my conscience for once. I figure it makes it worth the approximately 3.2 million percent higher cost of living in this state, that I every now and again don’t have to pick the lesser of two evils.

If I lived in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or America’s Donglorida, I’d vote differently. But I don’t live there, so I get to look at the derp that is the Brexit vote and remind myself that while it is entirely possible that Trump could win here, there is no possible way I could help get him into the Oval Office. Electoral college math helps me make that conclusion.
And no, not even Bernie telling MSNBC he’d vote for Hillary will change my mind. I’m not messianic about Bernie. He’s one dude. But he was the one dude saying the things I think should be said. So I cast my lot with him. If he’s going to vote for Hillary in the fall, good for him. I can absolutely see why he wouldn’t want to flush his leverage with the Democratic Party down the drain by not voting for their nominee, because he’s no longer an Independent. He is a Democrat. So he has to play the Democratic Party’s game.
I don’t though. For this, I am sure many will tell me I’m no different than the Brexit voters. And that is totally true…so long as you don’t actually compare my stances on immigration, people who generally look different than me, and pretty much everything else to theirs. Once you do that, you see I’m fucking nothing like them, but don’t let context get in the way of your angsty hand wringing over my decision to use my vote symbolically.
The Democratic Party had a choice, and Hillary Hawks did too. They could’ve not acted like entitled, condescending assholes to people who brought up legitimate critique of Clinton’s decision making skills and her track record on being all over the map with her policies toward everything from crime to LGBT rights to…you name it. They could have read the tea leaves and seen this is a populist election, but instead they are taking the risk that in states that are up for grabs that Trump won’t and can’t win.
That’s probably a pretty good guess on their part. Trump is a walking, talking case of AIDS in a shitty wig. So for him to win would be a shock on the level of…the United Kingdom leaving the EU because of immigrants. I can absolutely see how people in other parts of the country would be panicking about what this means for Trump’s chances. I’m not that person. I am very sorry, actually, that more people aren’t in the position I’m in, because it’s very liberating.
The bottom line is that I don’t want Hillary to be our president, but I won’t be angry if she winds up there after all. I’ll just be disappointed. And that’s fine. No one ever told me I’ll never be disappointed in my life. Just don’t tell me I have to vote a certain way because idiots across the ocean did something stupid.


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