No matter what he does, Papa Paul Ryan cannot control every minute action of each individual member of the House. And frankly, it’s really pissing him off! He still has his tighty-whities in a knot over those Democrats from last summer daring to have a sit-in on the House floor, because he would not let them have a vote on gun control.

What little bitches they were, expecting people to actually do their friggin’ jobs and protesting when they refused. Ryan made it perfectly clear last summer he would not tolerate any more of this behavior in his House. He even had his hands on his hips and his bottom lip poking out.

Since Papa Paul obviously did not learn anything from Frozen, he is still all worked up about this “stunt” and crafting legislation to attempt to prevent it from happening again. Of course this will never backfire, because Republicans would never do anything like this, and it could not possibly make him look like a whiny little bitch.

As part of a House rules package members will vote to approve in early January, House GOP leaders want to empower the sergeant-at-arms to fine lawmakers up to $2,500 for shooting video or taking photos on the chamber floor.

But experts say Ryan’s proposal may run afoul of Article 1 of the Constitution, which says “each House may … punish its Members for disorderly behavior.” For more than 200 years that has been interpreted to mean any contested sanctions against lawmakers must be approved by the full House with a floor vote, attorneys steeped in congressional legal matters say. (Politico)

Ryan has never been one to let a little thing like the Constitution get in his way, though. And as every parent surely knows, drawing more attention to something that happened months ago is way better than just letting it go.

House rules prohibit taking video or photos of the floor. But Democrats defied those restrictions in June, using their cellphones to live-stream a 25-hour protest triggered by Ryan’s refusal to allow a gun-control vote.

After Democrats seized the floor and refused to yield, Republicans shut down the chamber. C-SPAN had been airing the demonstration, but its cameras, which are controlled by the House majority, were turned off when the House shut down. The network then picked up a cellphone live-stream from one of the lawmakers protesting.

Republicans were incensed by the entire spectacle. For months GOP leaders met privately to craft a plan to either punish lawmakers who led the charge or write new rules to deter a similar future hijacking of legislative business. That led to Paul Ryan’s current proposal.
 The vast majority of Americans favor some form of stricter gun control laws; at least 70% have consistently favored them over the years, with 87% the approval rating at the time of the sit-in last summer. It would seem that Papa Paul is not concerned about what the American people – his bosses – want, so much as he is about…well…who the hell is he pandering to? He received his $5950 from the NRA in 2016. That does not appear to be enough money to go to all this trouble. More likely Papa just does not like looking like the asshole he is.
A brilliant solution to this problem would be to have an actual vote on actual legislation, meaning do your goddamn job, and quit acting like a dictator with a teeny tiny…hand…problem. What a novel idea!


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