Look, fellow Americans, it’s your right to feel and think and say whatever you want to. If you really think transgender people don’t belong in the military because of the “cost” or because it’s a “distraction,” or a “disruption,” or you think it hurts morale or readiness (which you’d be dead wrong about, according to RAND’s study on the very subject), go for it. In fact, as a modern libtard, I will totally defend your right to have and espouse those beliefs!

I’m just saying that when you say these things, you should think about who else you sound like, from history, is all. And in this case, it’s bigoted, racist assholes that are most closely aligned with your beliefs. If my making that statement hurts your delicate feelings and you need a safe space, I understand! But your damaged ego and bruised sensibilities have nothing to do with reality.

The excuse to discriminate being, “The military is not a social experiment” is nothing new. People, racist people to be be exact, said the exact same thing about black people serving. Well, I mean, once they were free from slavery. Because back during the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, the argument was simpler. “My piece of property can’t serve.”

I am positive that at least 15 out of every 100 Republicans would like to get back to where they can say that exact thing, but I digress. There’s no way that I’m going to be able to add much to the cacophony of dissent that Trump’s transgender ban that’s already erupted, but I will say it’s kind of telling that the Republican Party and its base seem to think that the way you make America great again is by giving people less freedom, not more of it.

Think about it — a Muslim ban and a transgender ban. At the outset, maybe they don’t seem that similar. But the end result is that one robs people of their freedom of travel, based on a superficial thing like religion, and another robs transgender Americans of their equality by saying they’re not worthy of the honor of sacrificing their lives for this country, or so the advertising for the DOD says, right?

So to Republicans, less freedom equals more American. Fascinating. Or at least it would be if it wasn’t a human tragedy being repeated for the umpteenth time in this country.

And when you think about it, telling someone they aren’t even worthy to put on a uniform to serve the entire 330 million person populace based on their gender identity is no different than saying it based on race, or their gender as a whole. If it feels like we’re stuck in a rut as a country, it’s because of shit like this. The country takes a step forward, and the ignorant, cynical, so-called Christian masses revolt, causing us to take twelve steps backward. And I say “so-called Christian” because Christ taught sympathy, compassion, and acceptance, so they’re doing un-that all over the place with this decision.

People argued that black people in the military would be too expensive. It would be too much a distraction to take the civil rights fight into the military. But if ever there was a place that it was most appropriate to have these discussions it’s the military. Because at its core, we want to believe the military is about self-sacrifice. It’s about putting yourself between a bullet and liberty, or some such shit. Staking out equality in America often starts with the military; just talk to Japanese Americans who signed up to fight in World War II to avoid fucking internment camps and you’ll find that out.

Frankly, everything we do as a species is a social experiment. The people whining about it are basically whining because they don’t like the idea that people exist who challenge their conceptions of who people are, period. I guess I’d just like to see a conservative actually tell an 18 year told trans person who wants to serve that they’re just not good enough. They’d do it, I’m sure, but they’d have a hard time explaining why, I mean in a way that actually contains logic and not just misguided labels of “mental illness” or something. Because as far as I’m concerned, if you’re willing to join the military, and you’re not being forced into it by our government — I don’t give a good goddamn what you have between your legs.

I care more about what’s between your ears, and what’s in your heart. I wish I could say the same thing for Republicans. But clearly, I’d be lying if I did.

So, I guess what I’m saying to those people is: Own it. Just own it. Be unafraid to tell us how much you agree with telling an entire section of America they’re not worthy to lay down their lives for you. Just be honest with yourselves about it, though.

Be honest about who you sound like. Be honest about what your arguments are, and what they aren’t. Be honest about how you’re arguing for keeping people oppressed for no good reason other than you don’t like who they are. Be honest, and even though you won’t be right, and you sure as hell won’t have our respect, we’ll at least be less frustrated and angry with your delusion and self-denial.

Be honest, in other words, about the asshole you are, and the assholes you’re exactly like.


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