bernie sanders hillary clintonThis is going to piss off a lot of people. And if it’s anything like the last time I wrote about Bernie, most of you won’t get past the title before you dive into the comments and call me a “corporate shill.” In a useless  attempt to neutralize these arguments, I will respond here. I have been a fan of Bernie Sanders since 2011. I donated money and volunteered to help his campaign and I’m generally on board with his policy ideas. I don’t hate Sen. Sanders. In fact, I think he’s a pretty decent person and presidential candidate. I’m just not drunk with passion or in a state of denial like many other Bernie supporters.
Bernie has put up a hell of a fight, but when it’s all said and done, the math is not on his side. As a result, Hillary will more than likely walk out of this primary race as the Democratic nominee. Here’s why there is no getting around this.
The elections are Not Rigged. Well, they are. but not for him.
Some Sanders supporters have accused the Hillary campaign of rigging the election and working with party leaders to sabotage election days across the country. And while there may be  some cases of suspicious election day issues, the Hillary campaign is more than likely not behind it, and it is not the reason that Bernie is losing. Voter suppression is a serious issue in this country, but the Democratic establishment is not going to undermine millions of potential voters for one candidate. Especially not for one who is as disliked as Hillary. 
I’m sure someone will make the argument that Bernie does well with Caucus and Independent voters. You would be right. But most states have closed primaries, which means if you aren’t a registered party member, you can’t vote. Is this fair? No. But it’s been that way for quite some time, and the Sanders campaign knew that going into the election. it’s one of the reasons he chose to run as a Democrat.
Despite Bernie’s record-breaking crowds and donations, he has struggled to build a broad voter coalition. People of color, haven’t turned out, or voted for him as much as they do Hillary. If you’re looking for the reason he’s losing, this is the smoking gun. White voters love him, everyone else; not so much.

Stop it. No Seriously, Please Stop it With the Super delegates.
Recently, the Sanders campaign has shifted their attention towards a contested Democratic Convention.  After spending the first half of this primary race criticizing Hillary for having pledged delegates, he now plans to woo them (The delegates) over to his side to win the nomination. Let’s ignore the hypocrisy of this and focus on the facts. Hillary has 2.4 million more voters than Sanders, a healthy lead in delegates (pledged or otherwise), along with years of relationships with elected officials, party leaders, funders and the media. Why would these people suddenly break their allegiance to her for Bernie?
Bernie is Facing a Hillary Past her Prime and He Still Can’t Beat Her.
When Hillary ran for president in 2008, she was at the top of her game. She had an extremely high approval rating, her reputation had yet to be destroyed by Fox News, and the ability to read up on  all of her FuckShit inappropriate and even corrupt behavior, the country was fed up after 8 years of George Bush, and she had no equal in the campaign. People like to act like this isn’t true. But President Obama was a major long shot. He was seen as nothing more than a young politician with a lot of potential, but was better off “Waiting his turn.” Before he could think of facing off against Hillary he had to beat out a roster of qualified candidates including his future Vice President, Joe Biden.
Bernie is facing Hillary in an election where she has the second highest unfavorability rating of any candidate in the election, has the bullshit Benghazi story still in the media, an email fiasco, a husband with no filters and aggressive pushback for a crime bill she had no role in writing or signing. Despite all of that, she still has won more primaries and has more votes than him.  If he’s struggling to beat her when she’s not even at the top of her game, how do you expect him to do against Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC)? 
Stop The Hero Worship
Listen, I get it. When President Obama was running for office in 2008, I was in full-blown worship mode. I thought he was going to change the entire world with a single speech, I projected my vision for the country into his policy, and I fought tooth and nail with anyone who questioned his sincerity or ability to lead this country. But it takes more than one person to get us out of this mess. Bernie Sanders above all else is a politician, no matter how good of a person he may seem to be if elected president, there will come a day that he must disappoint you. He has failed to beat Hillary, and it is highly unlikely that much will change about that, but that doesn’t mean you need to pack up and go back home. All across this country there are people running for office. They have great ideas, a strong vision for our country and want to make a difference.
It’s about time we started investing in those campaigns. If the email scandal forced Hillary to drop out of the election, and Bernie beat Trump, he would still have to work with Congress and Senate to get things done. We can make that job a lot easier if there are smart people in office willing to work for the revolution that so many people talk about.
Senator Sanders has run a hell of a campaign, and in doing so has pushed candidate Hillary further to the left than she has ever been. He has done everything he can, but it’s over. It’s about time we all accepted this and started focusing our energies on the bigger picture.


  1. Stanley is correct, mostly. As a Canadian, nothing would please me more than Bernie in the White House but it’s not looking good. I’m fine with fighting until the end because hey, you never know. However that fight needs to be focused on pro Bernie and anti Trump tactics, not anti Hillary tactics because she is still the more than likely nominee. And if she does become the nominee, all that anti Hillary sentiment from the left will have only served to help Trump.


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