Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, and from the looks of the comments on his Facebook page, Sanders’ more ardent supporters are very, very unhappy with his decision. Sanders posted a Facebook note early on Tuesday, congratulating his supporters, highlighting the good things that had come from his campaign, and explaining why he endorsed Hillary Clinton:

I am writing you today to express my deep pride in the movement – the political revolution – you and I have created together over the last 15 months. When we began this historic campaign, we were considered fringe players by the political, economic and media establishment. Well, we proved them wrong.
We showed that the American people support a bold, progressive agenda that takes on the billionaire class, that fights for racial, social, economic and environmental justice and that seeks to create a government that works for all of us and not just the big campaign donors.
We mobilized over 13 million voters across the country. We won 23 Democratic primary and caucus contests. We had literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country. And we showed – in a way that can change politics in America forever – that you can run a competitive national grassroots campaign without begging millionaires and billionaires for campaign contributions.
Most importantly, we elevated the critical issues facing our country – issues the establishment has pushed under the rug for too long. We focused attention on the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in this country and the importance of breaking up the large banks who brought our economy to the brink of collapse.
We exposed our horrendous trade policies, our broken criminal justice system, and our people’s lack of access to affordable health care and higher education. We fought aggressively to address the crisis of climate change, the need for real comprehensive immigration reform, the importance of developing a foreign policy that values diplomacy over war, and so much more.
Sanders acknowledges that his supporters might be disappointed with his decision to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, but explains he believes it is paramount to defeat Trump:
Today, I endorsed Hillary Clinton to be our next president. I know that some of you will be disappointed with that decision. But I believe that, at this moment, our country, our values, and our common vision for a transformed America, are best served by the defeat of Donald Trump and the election of Hillary Clinton.

The Bernie or Bust supporters promptly lit into Sanders, seemingly forgetting about that cute little birdie. Underneath his Facebook note, there are roughly ten thousand comments, many very angry, many typed in caps, and many expressing dismay, a sense of betrayal, and a commitment to vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton. Including Donald Trump.
Peter Lloyd, who lives in Australia so what the hell is he so upset about, writes:

You and that criminal campaigning together throws away everything you stood for. You could have gone with Jill Stein at least. I’d rather see Trump as president than you endorsing Clinton and pushing to get her in just to stop Trump. What a disappointment that’s not what you stood for.

On an up note, given that Pete is in Australia, he won’t be voting in November.

Then we have Ahmad Renawi, whose profile picture involves what looks like a hookah:

You’ve deceived your voters, Bernie.You’ve been stressing the need for a third party for 3 decades. Jill Stein tried to do everything for you to continue your revolution through the Green Party, yet you choose to support the Wall Street warhawk? You’re more worried about an inexperienced orange charlatan? REALLY?
“Now is not the time for the same old establishment politics.. Now is the time for us to revitalize American democracy, and to lead the world in the fight for economic and social justice, for environmental sanity, and for a world of peace.”Those were your words.
Apparently, it is still the time for 2-party establishment politics. You are now officially endorsing and voting for the TPP, an interventionist war in Syria, fracking, and much more.
You didn’t push anyone to the left. She’s been shitting all over you for 6 months, she has an AGENDA, she won’t change anything for old-man Bernie, aka the Sandy Hook butcher, and his sexist bros.
Millions of your supporters will now leave the political process in complete despair, and it’s on YOU for betraying them. #NeverHillary #NeverTrump

“Old-man Bernie, aka the Sandy Hook butcher, and his sexist bros.” How quickly they turn.
Kelly Roark believes Hillary somehow killed John Ashe:

Just at a loss. Clinton is everything Bernie was against. Now he endorsed her. Did she threaten him or buy him? I mean, come on, a day before John Ashe was supposed to testify against her, he dies in a weight lifting accident. Not buying it. So I am having a hard time believing that Bernie willingly endorsed her.
Ah well, that hag won’t get my vote at all.

Gwen Bowyer wants Senator Sanders to know people went hungry to afford to attend the convention:

1900+ people went hungry, went without things, put off paying bills, to be at that convention. The least you could have done was not waited until after everybody bought their rooms and tickets. I’m really upset right now that all of those people have just been given the bird.

If you went hungry, or stopped paying your bills, just to attend the Democratic convention, you might want to rethink your priorities.
Finally, Bekah Lanier, who sounds more like a right-winger than a liberal of any kind:

Bernie I wish you had kept fighting because we would’ve fought with you all the way to November . I will never vote for Hillary not only because she is incompetent but Benghazi cannot be swept under the rug . She is corporate greed. #neverhillary #hillaryforprison2016 #neverforgetbenghazi

Alrighty then.
This has been a pattern of late among the Bernie or Bust crowd: many of them sound like a lot like right-wing, Fox News or Breitbart conservatives. Benghazi, prison, sexist name-calling, even Whitewater and Vince Foster. And before anyone says “Well, those are all Shillary plants, or trolls,” this is the type of thing many of the most delusional supporters of Senator Sanders have been saying for months.
It’s okay to be disappointed. But it is not okay to throw a temper tantrum in November, and turn this country over to Donald Trump and the right wing. They will set us back decades, socially and economically. Gay marriage will be gone, abortion will be illegal, Muslims will be banned from the United States, and we will have a president who wants to commit war crimes.
What I truly do not understand is for months, Bernie Sanders supporters have told us how qualified their candidate is, and how they agree with everything he promotes. They support the candidates he has endorsed. They love him, they love his flyaway hair, his rumpled suits, that little bird. But now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton, suddenly all that love and respect is gone, replaced by outrage, petulance, and threats to vote for Jill Stein, thus splitting the liberal vote, and bringing us ever closer to a President Trump.
It’s politics, kids, and after all, Bernie Sanders is a politician. Whether his supporters want to admit it or not.



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